Win Chaturbate Tokens by Playing Cards

November 7, 2014
A notice has appeared under Chaturbate chat box since October or earlier, up to this Friday, saying:

Win Chaturbate Tokens by Playing Cards: One of our ex-developers has made a card game that is quite fun. You can play it at “” for free. As an added bonus, we’re giving 100 tokens to everyone in the top 10 ranked positions every day through Nov 15. To win your free tokens, just put your cb username in your conjuror bio.

My girlfriend, Jane, has tried this game. She said she found it a little bit boring. But due to the fact that I disliked hearing any negative thing about Chaturbate, I decided to give it a try too. Guys, don’t blame me – I had never played this kind of game before. So the score results I got looked like they were saying I lost every “battle”. It’s a multiplayer online card game, and you occasionally have the opportunity to attack your opponent with your cards or deck or spell of some sort (I can’t really remember).

But those of you who are super fans of card games might like it, so don’t judge exclusively from our opinion.
It is in our attention though, that Chaturbate has been extending the promotional period of 100 tokens giveaway repeatedly. Chaturbate claimed the promotion would end on a weekend in October, but extended the promotion at least once (but likely more than once). Now, they claim that the promotion would end on November 15th, but we doubt it. We believe that this promotion would be extended continually until the New Year’s day of 2015.

From the extension of the promotion, we believe that this has been working well for Chaturbate or the game marketers. However, because we kept losing and were never able to make it to the top ten before we gave up on the game, we have not been able to verify if the top ten winners have actually been rewarded with tokens as promised. Nevertheless, we encourage you to try it out and tell us your outcome.

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