Where is the model Diadona?

January 7, 2015
Diadona, also known as “Meryem”, had been our favorite Chaturbate model since the autumn of last year. She dressed like a good Muslim girl, but acted very naughtily. This turned on many guys around the world. However, the beautiful girl who claimed to be from Tunisia started getting a lot of trolls about how she’s a fake Muslim. She got exactly the kind of trolls we usually get on this blog that prevent us from allowing comments on most of our articles. This is not even a religious blog, and we are not Muslims, but somehow we get trolls who randomly rant about “Allah”, “Shariah” and “jihad”.

Diadona usually got hundreds and even thousands of viewers in her chat room as soon as she got online. I enjoyed watching her whenever my girlfriend and I were not broadcasting. But Diadona kept getting more trolls daily, and she had two useless moderators who never silenced any of the trolls.

She, herself never silenced or banned anyone until someday when the trolling got out of hand – when someone accused her of preferring plastic dildos to real dicks. This was when she banned the guy. And a few days later, Diadona stopped broadcasting. It has been over a month now since her last broadcast on Chaturbate, which was around the last days of November or the first days of December last year.

Usually, if a model stops broadcasting for about three days, I would unfollow her. But I liked Diadona so much that I am still unable to confidently click the unfollow button on her Chaturbate profile. I am still hoping and waiting for her to return. So if anyone gets any updates or info about her whereabouts, please kindly let us know!

Update: January 8, 2015
She is back! (More info can be found here).

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