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Cam girl LoudLove retires

April 28, 2017

The cam couple known as “LoudLove” are retiring from Chaturbate on Friday which is today, they said on their Chaturbate profile. They are doing their last broadcast today.
Anyone who has been following them knows that the couple was really very fun and sexy to watch. Having over 100,000 followers, their fans will truly, truly miss them. Continue reading

Cam girl Missfairy gets banned

June 22, 2016 | Updated July 27, 2016

Update– Missfairy was permanently prohibited from broadcasting, but she finally closed her entire Chaturbate account a few days ago.
Proof she was permanently banned– screenshot obtained from a temporary Google archive:

Previous story:
A hot petite cam girl known as Missfairy has been permanently banned by Chaturbate, we just confirmed. All bans on Chaturbate are usually permanent, but we put the emphasis on “permanent” here because sometimes a user is banned by mistake and Continue reading

Cam girl ilovemollie1 has retired

May 4, 2016
People kept asking us about this model known as “ilovemollie1“, for weeks. It should be obvious now that she has retired. She’s a film actress who wanted to also make money in the adult industry (anonymously), but unfortunately people kept posting her real name in her chat room. Thus she has left both Chaturbate and the adult camming business. If she’s your favorite, then sorry guys! It’s time to move on to another model.