Stuff freeloaders tell models

December 27, 2015

If you’re a live cam model, and you hear “show ass BB!” in real life, I’m pretty sure you might faint. However, you are not alone!
Yes, on average, a typical cam girl kicks out ten freeloaders per hour. The poor men, or freeloaders, can get very annoying sometimes you actually feel like committing a violent act. This is where Chaturbate does good by giving us the ability to automatically mute the poor beggars. But before we explore the choices we have, let us see some of the stuff freeloaders say and where most of the freeloaders are from:

1. Show ass BB!

The freeloader is serious. He wants you to show him your ass for free. He will not tip you. He will never buy tokens. Even one that has tokens can still be a freeloader. Yep. To him, you signed up as a model on Chaturbate so you will show your ass to him for free! This is one of the most popular phrases that freeloaders get kicked out for. A cam girl almost shed tears kicking out lots of users, until she found out she could automatically mute them.

2. See tits! Show boobs!

The bad English grammar makes it more frustrating to us! This could get a model to start looking for a machine gun!

3. Asshole please. SHOW ASSHOLE. Gape! Feet!

The freeloader sees a model with big tits. Everyone else is rightfully commenting on the model’s big tits. Everyone is tipping her to continue showing the big tits. But this freeloader suddenly ruins the fun and wants to immediately see the girl’s asshole for free! Fuck everybody else, fuck the big boobs, show me your asshole for free! Any model who does not kick out this freeloader is encouraging the nuisance behavior.

4. PM me.

People are tipping the model for her sexy performance. All of a sudden, a freeloader jumps in, ignoring everything, and just types “PM me.” He has no tokens. Nothing. What does he want to tell the model? Why would the model be interested in sending him a PM or private message? The model is performing for your cash, idiot! You should either enjoy the free show that is paid for by others, or you join others and pay up, or just get the hell out!

5. Make me a moderator. Mod me!

A freeloader jumps into your chat room and immediately wants to be your moderator. He has never tipped you. He has never had a decent conversation with you before. We think the best gift you should give him is a kick in the ass! Kick him out of your chat room.

6. See my cam. My cock is hard for you.

Many freeloaders have never gotten laid in real life before, thus most of them think that girls enjoy videos of cocks. The freeloaders do not know that majority of girls find videos of hard cocks very disgusting. The sexuality spectrum is not really exactly mirrored by genders. Women perceive sexuality very differently from how men do. So just because men love vaginas does not mean women love cocks. Women love your looks and personality more. However, on cam sites, the girls need to be paid. The girls didn’t sign up to watch you. They signed up so that YOU watch them!

So, where do these freeloaders come from?

Click to see bigger picture

Red = Super freeloaders.
Orange = A lot of freeloaders.
Yellow = Some freeloaders.

Our quick studies show that the majority of these beggars come from Eastern Europe and India, as well as the Middle East and North Africa.

A lot of those with bad English grammar are from Turkey and Egypt. You will get freeloaders who just type their language into your chat room, such as Spanish, Russian and Arabic. They will type in their language even if you specify on your profile that you prefer English. Just ban them; that’s the only solution.

That map. We estimate that you would not miss much if you block the red regions from viewing your cam. You could save yourself the headache! The ones from the red zones are often persistently begging and demanding, and tend to be very rude at it too! Nobody from that region is likely to buy tokens. They might give you their phone numbers. They will keep begging until you ban them.
The ones from orange regions would keep asking to be your moderator, would give you their phone numbers, and might want to marry you!
And the ones from yellow regions are very variable, from polite beggars to the most bizarrely rude ones; all equally unnerving.

So it is best to exercise your capabilities and use your options.
We have written about some nice options Chaturbate models have to defend themselves against the freeloaders. So stay tuned!

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5 comments on “Stuff freeloaders tell models

  1. Strawman

    I hate those time-wasters!
    But, I have to disagree that all women cammers don’t like to see a guy’s cock. A couple of cam-hosts have asked me (not the other way around) for c2c, and when I kept the view from my waist up, they asked to see farther down. I never ask or pay for c2c, I don’t want to force it on anybody. I know 99% of what they do is acting (and what incredible acting!), but I don’t think them asking to see me is part of an act. They know they will get tokens regardless. I suppose they could be pretending to be getting as emotionally involved as I am so I’ll develop an attachment. It’s also possible they genuinely appreciate a guy who tries to be nice and respectful and who chats with them about things over than sex . I know it is a business relationship, but a business relationship can be friendly.

  2. funukcpl


    just wanted to shoot a message to say thanks 🙂 This site has helped and answered some questions we have had regarding chaturbate very helpful to new cam models like our self.

    funukcpl x

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