Something to Never Forget to Do As a Broadcaster on Chaturbate

As a Chaturbate camwhore, you probably try to do your best – teasing your viewers, telling your life stories, showing off your cool sex toys and doing other sorts of things. But there may be something that is actually drawing you back a little. Can you guess what it is? Right, it is the fact that you don’t thank your tippers! The act of thanking your tippers has been proven by us to be very effective in pushing you upwards in the ranks.

Even if someone tips you just one token, you should thank him or her! Jane and I have experimented with this for some weeks and found that we do much better in the weeks wherein we thanked all tippers, compared to the weeks wherein we only thanked large tippers. So if you’ve formed the habit of only thanking those who tip large amounts, then it’s time to change.

You may be thinking, “But one token is only five cents!” But let’s remind you that if you have 19 tokens, you need one more token to make that one dollar. So, every token counts. Therefore, thank every person who tips you, whenever he or she does so! When you thank someone, that person would be encouraged to even buy more tokens if he or she only had a few tokens or one or none left. That is all for now, our fellow camwhores! Also, for our advice on how to make more money on Chaturbate we would like to encourage you to click here, or click here to sign up on Chaturbate and start broadcasting to earn money, in case you have not.

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