Sexy Hate Mail From OhMiBod User

September 19, 2015 | Updated September 25, 2015

We receive a lot of good messages thanking us for our work. Some ask us questions, others simply thank us. We are sorry that we are only able to personally reply to some of the mails, however we promise that we read all your mails.

As you may know, we also receive angry, mean, bitter messages concerning our blog posts. Some even go to the extent of threatening us, trying to guess who we are, our Chaturbate profiles, and our exact home addresses (always wrong of course).

We criticized models who relied solely on faking or exaggerating vibrations from certain OhMiBod vibrators, unfairly getting lots of tokens from guys who thought that the OhMiBod vibrator almost electrocuted the girls at the sound effect of token tips on Chaturbate due to the models claiming that the sex toy vibrated at the sound of tips and made them wet.

Here is a message from an anonymous female model:

I’m the boyfriend of a model who uses OhMiBod. You’re so jealous because she probably makes more tokens than the two of you combined. Why not try the OhMiBod yourself and see how it works, instead of trying to ruin my girl’s success. Let me tell you, bitches, nothing will stop my girl from using that toy. You send people to come harass us with bots. Trust me I know who the fuck you are. I can find you if I want. Your bitch is a dumbo, just like you’re an impotent faggot. Fucking dimwits. Fuck you. Eat shit.”

Damn! That’s harsh. One thing though: we traced the sender of this message and found out who sent it. It’s a girl, not a “boyfriend”. She had contacted us a few times some months ago, with comments on how she makes money by fooling guys into adding her on Skype and paying for SkyPrivate; something that is not allowed by Chaturbate. We did not respond to that, of course.

We know her Chaturbate profile, country, state, and city! Ha, but don’t be scared if you’re reading this, sweetie, because unlike you we don’t get horny from threatening people on the internet.

We just thought this particular message was comically harsh our readers had to see it too. 🙂

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