Sex is Boring, Says My Girlfriend After I Do Her on Cam

Before we knew anything about being cam whores, I used to enjoy sex with my girlfriend almost everyday. She enjoyed being fingered so hard, and she used to orgasm without faking it. She liked when I sucked her tits so hard.
But we started seeing sex differently after several months of having sex in front of live camera for money. Can you believe it – now I find it very hard to get hard while broadcasting! And later on, my girlfriend no longer lets me do her unless we are broadcasting! She says that sex is like a chore to her now. This is sad, and we can’t go to any therapists because they will ask us to stop broadcasting online, which we can’t do because we are addicted to the money and fun. Trouble, trouble, trouble! Now I pay my girlfriend to let me do her when we are not broadcasting.

Sometimes I don’t care though, because I learned new sex habits from broadcasting – cumming in the mouth of my girlfriend is my favorite thing now. I also developed foot fetish after lots of our viewers demanded foot fetishism from us. Now I like to suck on my girl’s feet and cum on her feet. This is heading the good way because, whenever we are not broadcasting, my girlfriend charges me to finger her or do her with my cock, but she doesn’t charge me to cum on her feet or in her mouth or face. She gives me nonsensical reasons for that, but I know the real reason — I believe that my girlfriend is experiencing pain in her thing, because I do her on cam for so many hours per day! The main request from our viewers is either to finger her until she orgasms, or that I fuck her hard. I too got a bit tired from doing that; I can imagine the hell my girlfriend goes through with her thing! Now she says that sex is boring. What the hell, Jane used to beg me for sex before we found out about making money while broadcasting on Chaturbate!

So while being cam whores as a couple is good news for us, it is kind of bad news for our sex lives. Therefore we warn you guys and girls out there who want to be rich being cam whores, to be careful and expect some storms and earthquakes within your sex lives!

The following note is written by Jane only:
Hi girls, don’t finger yourself too hard during your solo cam shows. You will hate sex afterwards, I promise. So don’t do it. Also, be careful when using objects like dildos and stuff inside your thing. Make sure you use the right size for your thing, and don’t overdo it. Yep, I learned this the hard way, and I feel bad whenever I go to Chaturbate and see new girls overworking their front and back holes for money. There are some ways of doing it without hurting yourself and hating sex thereafter. After my camping vacation, I wrote a full note on how to be easy on yourself and still excel in being a cam whore. Click here to read it. I hope you take my advice for your own good. Kisses!

– Janette.

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