Responding to Viewer Requests on Chaturbate

Requests Without Tipping

On Chaturbate, people are expected to tip when they make requests. But from our experience as broadcasters, this doesn’t really happen as often as it should. Most of the time, freeloaders are rampant, begging, asking, and demanding lots of stuff from you. “Show tits… Show ass… Show boobs!” And they won’t bother to tip. This reminds me of the worse situation where people who have tokens decide to make requests without tipping the broadcaster.

Solving this problem: some broadcasters usually disable chat for grey users (users who don’t have tokens). This significantly reduces the annoying demands, although a great number of blue users (users with tokens) have formed the habit of demanding without tipping the broadcaster. Therefore, the best way of dealing with this issue is to make a smart response. Whenever a viewer makes a request without tipping, you should reply with something like: “I accept 25 tokens for that.” You can also say “Tip first, and I will do that.”

So, what happens if the viewer continues to demand without a request? You should silence him or her, or have your moderators do that for you. Some broadcasters prefer to completely kick out “freeloading beggars”, but Jane and I prefer silencing them, hoping that next time they would be smart and tip first. (We ban them if they continue their freeloading after their 24-hour silence period though.)

Requests With Tipping

You should pay attention to users who tip, because most of the time you may get a request attached as a tip note. This means that as soon as you noticed that you have just been tipped, you should quickly read the tip notification on the chat room to see if any tip note is attached within. Then, try your best to respond to the note, particularly if it contains a request or question. And don’t forget to thank the tipper!

The piece of advice we have just given you, has been helping us a lot. So put it into practice, and maintain or increase your rank among the best!

Words from Jane only:
I would like to use this opportunity to thank you ladies and gentlemen who regularly read this blog. I realized that many of you may have personal questions for me, or even for Matt or both of us, so I asked Matt to create a contact page for our blog. He’s creating the contact form and should be done soon – I will let you know when he’s done so you guys can contact us with your questions or comments! So bookmark this page and visit it regularly for updates on when he’s done.
Update: the contact page is ready. Kisses!

Words from Matt only:
Our blog has helped many people succeed on Chaturbate, according to messages we got from Chaturbate members. According to the messages, thousands of people join Chaturbate after reading our posts; hundreds become broadcasters and start earning tokens quickly.

We have got a message from someone saying she joined Chaturbate as a viewer after reading our blog, quickly becoming a broadcaster and getting thousands of followers within a few days! We know that more broadcasters on Chaturbate means more sexy folks to chat with, that’s why we encourage you to also join Chaturbate as a broadcaster, start broadcasting and start making your own money.

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