Private show minimum minutes! (New)

August 11, 2016

New feature for models! If you’re sick of cheap users who enter private shows with you only to leave as soon as you show them your ass, you should rejoice now! A new Chaturbate feature enables models to set a minimum amount of minutes users must stay in a private show with you before they can leave.

Now you can be sure that they are not there just to cheaply see your ass and run away. But also, remember that cheating is widely enforced, meaning that if you try to waste a user’s time in private after you choose minimum minutes, Chaturbate will take back your tokens and give them back to the user if the user reports you. You might also be permanently banned. So use your new feature with a good heart!

To enable minimum minutes, look under the Private Show Settings on Settings and Privacy tab. There are choices from 0 to 10 minutes. Choose the minimum minutes you want, from the choices. Remember to click “Update Settings” button at the bottom of that page.

If you’re not a model yet, you can sign up here for free and start broadcasting to earn your money!

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2 comments on “Private show minimum minutes! (New)

  1. LantisBR

    I agree, it will only lead to reports and bans. Any user would be able to report claining waste of time.

    Once I saw a guy tip for a “show pussy” claim when the broadcaster was already naked. That led the broadcaster and moderator consider the tip was immediately rewarded, but the tipper was expecting a close up or a spread or something. He kept complaining and got banned.

    Any tipper that’s not satisfied with the performance will report claiming waste of time. These “cheap users” will just enter the private show then report to receive tokens back.

    It’s better to just make the time and money worth it, each minute of it, regardless of how long it will last.

  2. June

    A broadcaster cannot force a user to ‘stay in a private’ show, as you put it. Nor can a user force a broadcaster to stay in a private show. What the new measure means I think is that a minimum number of tokens will be deducted regardless of the length of the show. Unfortunately, this could be a recipe allowing some models to sit there and do nothing – ‘wasting time’ is not actually against the rules as you imply, and is extremely subjective. I don’t think users will have much of a case if they report it. All this new measure will lead to is more cases of users being kicked out of rooms (it’s a bit difficult to report a broadcaster after that happens!) or, conversely, more broadcasters being banned. Neither of which is a productive overall situation in my view.

    I think this is a dumb move.

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