OhMiBod Fake Moan Scam?

June 20, 2015 | Updated: January 12, 2017
The OhMiBod vibrator seems to have literally taken over Chaturbate cams! The good Chaturbate days are almost gone. Many cam girls use this vibrator which they claim to be responsive to tip sounds. This means that if someone tips a model on Chaturbate, which usually causes a ding noise to be heard on the chat room, the OhMiBod vibrator is supposed to detect the Chaturbate ding noise, and as a result, is supposed to vibrate over the genitals of the model using it, according to the claim.

As for whether OhMiBod responds to certain sounds, we verified that one. It responds to certain musical sounds, indeed.

Update: OhMiBod vibrates to all clearly audible sounds, not just music. But this is very questionable because some models may have the toy turned off or in a stand-by mode and thus may not actually feel anything when they are tipped, causing the fake reaction to be a betrayal to the tippers. Some guys apparently constantly tip just because they believe it actually affects the vibration of the toy on the model.

The OhMiBod vibrator’s batteries need to be recharged or replaced every few minutes, but we have seen almost every model use this toy many minutes or hours without recharging or replacing the batteries. How’s that possible? Because the toy is switched off!

This is not to complain about fake expressions like fake orgasms, which are known and accepted by most people. OhMiBod faking is really different from other fake actions that don’t require constant tipping. Here, one has to keep tipping (giving out tokens which are real money) in order to see the reactions from the models.

When a cam model is playing some audible music while using the OhMiBod vibrator, and then reacts in a hyperactive way to token sounds as people tip her, then, how does the vibrator differentiate between music and tip sounds and only work when someone tips, even though some music is playing in background? Shouldn’t it be constantly vibrating regardless the tip sounds, since some music is playing?

A cam girl has tried demonstrating that OhMiBod vibrates to tip sounds, and tried to show what the blinking lights on the toy mean, but she wouldn’t show her hands while doing the test, so there’s no way to know whether she has a remote control or not. Subsequently, none of other demonstrators ever showed hands on cam while doing their own tests. So this kind of ‘evidence’ is actually currently useless, until someone shows us one that has demonstrator’s hands clearly visible.

Here is a common model claim about the OhMiBod vibrator:
“ohmibod panties that vibrates at the sound of tips and makes me wet.”

Our non-model friends say that the OhMiBod “panties” do not really vibrate at the sound of tips at all, and that these certainly do not make the models wet.

Then our model friend, Eva, who broadcasts on Chaturbate and is not happy with the increasing amount of models who allegedly misuse OhMiBod, told us that the vibrator actually responds to tip sounds and even voices. She said that the only fraud or scam involved is when a model uses the vibrator while it is in a “stand-by” mode, suggesting that the models would not really feel anything while pretending to be pleasured by the non-working vibrator because the OhMiBod vibrator is in a “stand-by” mode.

“I saw many models with OhMiBod in stand-by. So many are fake,” Eva told us on Skype. “When the toy is with light on, then it is on stand-by,” she said.

She has an OhMiBod vibrator herself, but Eric, one of our readers, said he contacted OhMiBod support and they contradicted Eva’s claim about the light. Eric quoted OhMiBod as saying, “The more lights that are lit up the higher the sensitivity.”

Kaitlin, another one of our readers, said that “OhMiBod does not work to the tips how people try to make it look”.

“It also vibrates very little, is nothing new is actually a pretty weak in vibration,” she said.
She added that the models sit there faking everything, and also sometimes hide their faces and laugh at the dumb tippers, especially when the tippers tip big tokens to watch them act like they are being electrocuted by the OhMiBod vibrator.

Some users with time in their hands even made Chaturbate apps for the gadget, encouraging more models to buy and use the product on cam. This made the apps more popular, overshadowing original honest apps.

Talking about how to force the models to stop using OhMiBod on cams, Kaitlin said that “the best thing would be to inform people in the chats it’s fake and over time less people would be scammed.”

This might be difficult, but can be accomplished by creating lots of usernames and attacking a scammer’s chat room continuously even when the cheating model bans the user. When new users enter the chat room, they would see the previous posts from the attackers, even if the attackers had already been banned by the model.

Yesterday, we received a complaint from an angry Chaturbate user who seemed to believe that Chaturbate is purposefully letting models scam viewers by allowing the models to claim that OhMiBod would vibrate over the models’ private parts whenever users tip. Here is the full message from the user:

“Chaturbate is or it is allowing it’s the broadcaster’s commit fraud and false advertizing ! I contacted ohmibod to see if any of their products will or do vibrate to tip sounds. I was told the only sounds that they claim to their products is that they will operate to music only ! Therefor I would suggest and ask that the broadcasters stop claiming that the ohmibod products vibrate to tips. If this action is not taken I will have no choice them to contact the FCC and proceed with legal action against Chaturbate and it’s broadcasters. Sincerely, nickisnotmyname”

The part about ‘legal action’ may be a little overboard, but it highlights the anger. So if this user’s claim is true, then it means that the models are taking the idea of “faking it” to another level, because most of the times, if you tip the model, she would make a really convincing moan to show you that the OhMiBod vibrator actually vibrated due to your tip, thus encouraging you to tip more.

We have no problems with fake moans and fake orgasms which are rampant in both the porn industry and adult cam industry, but if this complaint about OhMiBod is true, then that’s a shame because it would put more distrust and disappointment into the token buyers when they find out as well. We are definitely pro-Chaturbate and pro-models (we are Chaturbate models ourselves), but we really, really hate when a few models make us all look bad. We also believe that if this is true, then Chaturbate should ban the false claims as soon as possible.

So, let us know what you think by commenting below.

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611 comments on “OhMiBod Fake Moan Scam?

  1. Harrylips

    I’m having sex with a cam model and she’s fakes it. Can’t speak for all the models, but I can for her. It’s in, but not on. When the tip sound plays she’s fake moans and makes a o-face to the amount of the tip.

  2. CArL

    Im sure some models do fake but I can tell you I have tipped when the model had her toy out on the table and her hands visible and the toy vibrated

  3. tap

    You people are so fucking stupid. No one is forcing you to buy or spend tokens. If you think the model is a scam or whatever then don’t watch that model, go somewhere else. Fucking lazy ass Americas, you act like you can make a decision on our own… you act like you are forced to look at or do something you don’t like. How about this, if you don’t like the ohmibod cams then put your little dicks away and turn off the computer….so damn stupid…

    1. Bsevans

      You are complaining about others complaining. Do not generalize Americans. Where the hell are you from, chump?

  4. camlover

    It’s going one step further now. The models are selling app control to the ohmibod off site or they have a handler with them that controls it. Then when an actual tipper arrives they (sometimes) try to match tip sound to required sensation. However, it usually doesn’t look right as you might get a big reaction to a small tip then no reaction to a large tip or even tip and reaction so far out of sync you think you are watching a bad B movie.

    This is theft by deception and if the website does not investigate once reported, they can be found negligent.

    The toy makers need to replace all sound based operations with encrypted bluetooth from an indicator tree to the toy and also toy to indicator tree. The tree would have 2 sets of LED lights side by side. One shows the intensity from the tip size and the other side would be the toys response. If the lights match… great! If not, then either toy is off, battery is weak, or toy is defective. The site needs to require that the tree remains visible to the members. I think this would protect everyone.

    1. Die Cast

      Slimier to what I have posted to another:

      I don’t doubt that it can be made to respond to loud sounds only. But how does the device determine if the there was a big tip or not? Many of these women claim, the bigger the tip, the more she feels it. Again, how would the device know from a simple little ding sound alone it is said to pick up on? O.o

      As talked about by the creator, it dose not work just as the cam girls say.

      Plus, many of these women go into incredible convolutions right away. I don’t exactly doubt these women maybe felling something, unlike others here whom seem to think they don’t feel anything at all due to the device being off, but I do doubt their sincerity in how much they show off on how it may truly effect them, if and when it is active.

      I have seen enough honest porn by amateur content makers that show women usually build up to an orgasm, over time. And no little vibrator is going to set so many of them into quivering convulsions in mere seconds as they show off it does. Either they are all very hyper sensitive in the extreme within their vag, or most of them are faking it. O.o

      Fixing it so a little light in the device shows it is working or not, I don’t think is entirely the issue.

      Not all of them light up.

      Also, here is a big clue. Each of them are calling it the OhMiBod, for many are asking to see a cam girl using one. But what it looks like most of them are using is called the Lush2 bullet vibrator by Lovense, not an OhMiBod. Try and Google OhMiBod and the Lush2 bullet vibrator, and you will see what they are using and how each of them work.

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