Official Chaturbate Contest (Win $3500+)

August 27, 2015 | Updated: August 31

Sorry about the late announcement; this contest is due today!
Chaturbate is officially hosting a tutorial contest.

First place winner will receive a 12″ Gold Mac Book ($1,599.00 value) and $400.00! Second wins $550.00 , third wins $450.00, fourth wins $350.00 and fifth wins $250.00.

Chaturbate says:

The Tutorial Contest is open to everyone within the Chaturbate community. To enter, make a 3-10 minute tutorial video about a feature on Chaturbate, or any helpful broadcasting tip. The purpose of the video is for it to be an educational look on to your topic. It can range from lighting and prep, to broadcasting and using Apps and Bots. You can let people know about the importance of using correct hashtags, or tell them about making a new Chaturbate account and how to get started. It’s all up to you.

Winners will be selected by Chaturbate staff and notified by email, as well as announced September 3, 2015 on Email all submissions and questions you have on the contest to

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