For Chaturbate Moderators, New Feature

February 14, 2015
We noticed a new change on Chaturbate, about two weeks ago.
Moderators now can see when blue or purple members enter and leave the chat room.

This was previously something enjoyed by only the broadcasters. It is certainly a good feature for the mods too, so they know when to greet newly arriving important viewers, and when to not bother talking to someone who has already left the room.

(Note: without the feature, one can still know whether a user has left the room – clicking on the “Users” tab will display present users by color and in alphabetical order.)

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7 comments on “For Chaturbate Moderators, New Feature

  1. Veronica

    My moderator told me about this some days ago. At first I thought it was an error or a bug, but days later we figured it’s deliberate 🙂
    Oh, and where is that troll named IslamicJihad? He’s probably drooling to respond to this. I’m used to you now, you dickhead!

        1. IslamicJihad

          fuck you Jane.
          ahahaha she deleted my comment that said “the only reason you disable comments is because you don’t want people to question the validity of some of your journalism”
          did that hurt you bb? i’m so sorry 😀

          1. Matt and Jane Post author

            People can question our journalism. We have a Contact Us page on top of every page of this site. And many people contact us everyday and we respond to them.
            Your comment was removed because it violated our terms of use.

          2. anthony

            I think the only purpose of that guy here is to bring a bad atmosphere to your site. You are very kind to still allow him and not ban him. Lol

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