Model tax preparation advice

January 13, 2016

It’s that time of the year again, folks! It sure is a bummer to some that this always comes immediately after the great winter celebrations. Now you have to think about your taxes, especially if you’re in the United States.

How important is your tax report? Well, it’s actually important that you file your taxes. This is mainly because if the majority of your income comes from Chaturbate, then you would have a way of proving to your creditors or lenders that you make money on your own. You show them a copy of your tax report. But if you don’t report your earnings to your government, then you would not have a tax report, and then you might not be able to rent or buy a house or a car, or get a loan, because there is no proof of your legitimate income!

But don’t worry! It’s very easy. Before March this year, you should receive a tax form properly filled out for you by Chaturbate (Chaturbate uses a different company name of course). You should then use that form to report your earnings to your government. The “treasury” or “revenue service” branch of your government is usually responsible for your tax reports and or tax returns.

Good luck filing your taxes! We will file ours soon!

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4 comments on “Model tax preparation advice

  1. Jim Wilson

    Do you withhold taxes etc from our esrnings or are we considered independent contractors. Do you report our esrnings durectly to the irs or are we responsible for doing that?

  2. Brenden

    I have been a model for a few months now. Regarding tax filing, I was wondering: If one has received tips on chaturbate, say 50,000 tokens, but has never converted it to cash or even filled out the payment information required to do so, do you still have to file taxes on those “tips” received?
    Thank you.

    1. DJ

      No, any tokens that are not cashed out to you (or your bank) is not considered “earnings”. So you do not have to file taxes for those tokens until you cash them out.

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