Is being a cam model still worth it in 2020?

February 10, 2020
You may have this question about being a cam girl or cam boy and whether it’s still worth it nowadays. Well, it depends.
If you need an urgent cash, and somehow you can’t get a real life job, or the jobs you applied to are delaying to get back to you, then yeah, you should feel free to jump into the cam modeling business. This industry is actually growing! And with that, it may prove more difficult for some to get into it. But don’t worry, because we have the full tips and tricks, whether you’re a male, female, or trans looking to become a cam model. We started cam modeling on Chaturbate years ago and still prefer it today.

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3 comments on “Is being a cam model still worth it in 2020?

  1. Disappointed Camgirl

    In my opinion its not worth it unless if you live in a very poor country with low taxes to pay. Or if you cam, please make sure to hide your face or don’t show it. I lost my apprenticeship thanks to this industry. Now I stopped showing face all together cuz of creeps and stalkers I had in the past. I had a botched plastic surgery after being told I’m ugly 100 times a week and now I regret it!!

    Nowadays even working as a cashier pays better than this! You will lose so much when doing webcamming! Consider doing it without face or face the consequences for life, literally.

  2. Fred

    Can a broadcaster change the price of a private show shortly after the beginning of the show? For instance the private show costs 6tk/min for minimum 10minutes but the model decides to change to 30tk/min after 1st minute. Will the viewer be warned about the change? Or it will be pure scam. I can see a huge increase of top model just going for 6tk/min lately…

    1. Matt and Jane Post author

      They change the private show price anytime except when the show starts. You’ll be notified if they change the price before the show starts. Once the show starts, they won’t be able to change the price for the ongoing private show until that one is over.

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