How to Use Chaturbate Apps and Bots

Chaturbate apps and bots are very important for retaining your viewers and grabbing more tokens from them while keeping your viewers happy. Once you finish the age verification process, you are ready to start using Chaturbate apps and bots. Here we will first discuss the apps and then the bots, and how to use them both.

The apps:
Chaturbate apps control the show. One popular example of the app is the “Tip Goal King”, which crowns your highest tipper as the king of your show. This app sets the goal for the show, for instance you can set it to display that your goal is to do a belly dance for your viewers, and that 200 tokens are needed to reach the goal before you can do the dance. Your viewers will then have the chance to tip you some tokens, while whoever tips the highest amount of tokens is crowned the king of show by the app. There are in fact many other Chaturbate apps that do similar things, while there are others that do totally different things. You may only run one app at a time although you may also run it along Chaturbate bots.
To turn on an app, simply start your broadcast, scroll down to settings (this may have a different name) just under the view of your cam, and then choose the option about apps. You will have so many apps to choose from!

The bots:
Chaturbate bots are like your personal assistants. A Chaturbate bot usually posts automated notifications across your chatroom; it can also do minor automated moderations. One popular example of a Chaturbate bot is the “Auto Moderator Bot”, which automatically welcomes each of your viewers, warning them not to post comments that contain certain words that have been prohibited by you. Depending on your settings, the bot may immediately auto-silence any viewer of yours who ignores your rules. This helps you focus more on entertaining your viewers rather than moderating their comments. About two bots may be run alongside an app.
To run a bot, simply start your broadcast, scroll down below the view of your cam, and select an option concerning bots. You will have many bots to choose from!

I hope you have super fun broadcasting!

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