How to Get More Followers on Chaturbate

Getting viewers on Chaturbate is very easy, but retaining them as your followers can be difficult. Usually, in order to get viewers, you simply have to broadcast. However, your viewers may come and go. So, how do you actually make them come back? Jane and I naturally have tons of followers per day without putting much effort to it, but here are things we believe helped us when we were very new to Chaturbate:

  • Greet your viewers regularly. Greeting them makes some of them feel special for you, and thus it makes them stay and hit the “Follow” button to follow you.
  • Get social. It is recommended that you have something like a Twitter account, where you update your viewers about when you will get online, and things you’re up to.
  • Be responsive. Respond to your viewers. Answer their questions and start good conversations.
  • No gold mining. Do not try to delay when your viewer initiates a private show. Some broadcasters nicely set the price of their private shows to the lowest in the market, but badly rely on wasting the time of their viewers when the private show is started, writing things like “How are you? Where are you from?” If you do that, you may lose that tipper forever, and he or she may give you a low rating, which would give others a warning when they try to tip you, even if you hide your ratings.
  • Be lively. Get enough sleep before you start your broadcasts, so that you may look fresh and happy. Lack of sleep can make you look older, boring, sad and depressed – even with makeup on.
  • Show off. Show off as much of your body as you can without showing everything. Now, that might sound contradictory, but we hope you can make sense out of it as we cannot really explain what we mean, in any other way.

The above are things we remember doing during our early days on Chaturbate. We are currently investigating and interviewing some popular models in our circle for more advice for you. When or if we get more information we will post it here. We hope you succeed on Chaturbate using our advice!

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