How to Get More Chaturbate Viewers

Without your viewers, no one would tip you any tokens. And even though some cam girls and guys can be very successful with a small audience, others may need a good amount of viewers in order to really make it as a broadcaster on Chaturbate. But the first question is, how do you get viewers at all?

How do you get viewers at all?

This is why we like Chaturbate. You don’t really have to put a lot of effort to get viewers – just broadcast and you will get some viewers instantly, even if you have just joined Chaturbate today! Chaturbate gives everyone a fair chance. Which brings us to a second question, about how to retain those viewers and get more views:

How do you get MORE viewers?

Getting some views is pretty easy, but retaining those viewers and turning them into your regular audience can be challenging. Though there are slightly different tactics and styles one can use which largely depend on each person, success on Chaturbate mainly depends on gender, status, ethnicity, nationality, character, age and appearance. For the gender (sex) issue, we have separate tips for girls and guys respectively. If you’re a girl or heterosexual couple, then please see our tips for you by clicking here (the advice can help guys too). If you’re a guy, then please read our tips for you by clicking here.

“Help, I get a low amount of views no matter what I do?!”

Some people may suggest that you do some social networking like using Twitter for your Chaturbate networking. But the truth is, that doesn’t work for everybody! We have seen some broadcasters with the Twitter logo blocking the view of their cam, yet they get a low amount of viewers. The main thing you have to do is tease your viewers. For example, if you believe you have sexy feet and you appreciate foot fetishists, then tease them with your feet! The more you tease, the more people will follow your cam. Your followers on Chaturbate are actually great contributors to your success, since they’re likely to guarantee your viewership whenever you turn on your live show. But if you try that and still nothing works, then unfortunately you probably belong to the unfortunate side of one or more of the categories listed below.

Broadcasters with less fortune

Unfortunately, some broadcasters are less fortunate than others. We call this a “less fortune” because it’s caused by something the broadcaster is very likely to be unable to fix. Any broadcaster in the allegedly bad side of one of these categories may find it really difficult to make it on Chaturbate, even if the broadcaster is featured on one of Chaturbate’s periodic “Broadcaster Spotlights” (where the Chaturbate admins regularly write a promotional blog for a handpicked broadcaster). Some of the possible categories are:

  1. Gender. Most females are more likely to make it on Chaturbate, than males. This is kind of obvious; the main reason this happens is that there are more heterosexual males hungry for virtual sexual pleasure than females, on Chaturbate.
  2. Status. If you appear to have any visual disabilities, tattoos, or piercings, then you might fall out of favor unless you happen to attract people who like or have fetishes for those kinds of disabilities, tattoos, or piercings. Claiming to, or actually drinking or smoking might also heavily increase or decrease your chances of success on Chaturbate. (Drinking during a live broadcast is allegedly forbidden by Chaturbate.)
  3. Ethnicity. It’s unfortunate that ethnicity still plays a role on one’s success anywhere. This is rather rampant on Chaturbate, though it’s only being carried out by the viewers, and not the fault of Chaturbate itself. Many viewers seem to prefer certain ethnicities. So if you fall out of the preferred ethnicities, then you’re probably out of luck, unfortunately.
  4. Nationality. This is almost like the problem of ethnicity, except that in most cases one can hide his or her nationality. But still, many nationalist viewers would never become permanent followers or viewers of broadcasters who hide their nationalities. From our observation, most broadcasters who try to hide their nationalities are from Eastern European countries and Arabia. Many Russians, Romanians, and Arabians in particular, tend to hide their nationalities or claim to be from “Europe” or “Asia”. We feel that this is because a large number of viewers tend to prefer Western Europeans and Americans, though this hasn’t been officially verified. Also, if you can’t speak or write English fluently, you are not quite on the good side of many viewers.
  5. Age. Many viewers have interest in certain age groups. If you’re out of the age range preferred by viewers at a given time, then unfortunately you’re out of luck.
  6. Appearance. Certain standards of beauty are adapted by many viewers on Chaturbate. This means that if you don’t meet any of those standards (which might include the shape of your head, nose, ears etc) then you are out of luck. The size of your butt, boobs, etc will matter to many viewers. If you have fake boobs, then you might either greatly succeed or greatly fail, depending on the preferences of your viewers at a given time.

Sometimes, it is best to ignore such drawbacks, as people’s taste may change over time. Knowing that you have any of the “drawbacks” doesn’t necessarily mean you will never make it; it is just something to give you a confidence that you’re not slacking yourself. With a greater commitment and effort in broadcasting, you can succeed more than many, if not all the “preferred” folks out there!

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