How to Get Age Verified on Chaturbate

Getting age verified on Chaturbate is very important because it is the only way Chaturbate can know you’re at least of the legal age required to appear in adult oriented content, and also the only way the company can know that you are really the gender you claim to be. The gender issue is very important because for example, no straight male would like to fap to another male who pretends to be a female. By the way, such a deceit may lead to the permanent suspension of the deceiver’s account and probably the freezing or seizure of all the money earned by the deceiving broadcaster. You must be age-verified in order to be able to receive tokens as viewer “tips” or be paid by Chaturbate.

Age verification process on Chaturbate

Once you create your Chaturbate broadcast account by clicking here, start the verification process by clicking here. For full instructions on how to make money on Chaturbate, click here.

How to know if people are age verified on Chaturbate

Any Chaturbate profile that has the green “Send Tip” button is age-verified. The button can be found just under the chat box, and shows a dialog popup box when you click it. Any profile that does not have that button is not age-verified. Please note that you may not find the button on your own profile if you are logged in to that particular profile of yours.

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