How to Chaturbate Without Hurting Yourself – Solo Cam Girls Advice

As promised earlier, below is a note from Janette:

Most of you reading our Chaturbate sermons from the start are somewhat familiar with who I am. You probably don’t know me by face or anything, but you sure know me as the girlfriend of the guy who together with me, writes all this good stuff that has helped you start making super money just for being naughty in front of your web camera.

Some girls apparently think that being a cam girl is always as easy as just sitting in front of your camera, however this isn’t always the case. Many girls must work their pussies really hard in order to make it in the cam whore business. Sitting in front of your camera and combing your average-looking hair while you play your favorite music will not always work. In fact, you would be wasting your time and the time of horny viewers, unless you meet the standards of being a supermodel. At times when you tease your audience, you have to show lots of interest. Fingering yourself and making fake moans will get old at some point, and you might start losing viewers if you continue that same thing for long. But how can you keep the viewers interested and still avoid hurting your thing?

If you’re very pretty, just use Chaturbate Apps & Bots to set a tip goal where you would flash your boobs or pussy for reaching a certain “tip goal”. Not familiar with this kind of stuff (Apps and Bots)? Just contact Chaturbate and ask them about it.

On the other hand, if you’re an average-looking girl, you may have to rely on working your pussy, unfortunately. This is because horny viewers would do anything to see the boobs or pussy of a very pretty girl, whereas they’d have just a little interest for an average-looking girl. Therefore, it is recommended that you set your Apps & Bots “tip goal” to be the fingering or dildo-fucking of your pussy, if you’re average-looking. This should get your horny viewers interested to stay and tip, hence you getting your tokens, and them getting to see you in satisfying action. Be careful and brief with dildos and never do anal if you feel really uncomfortable about it. If you feel uncomfortable with certain things like some fetishes etc, you should offer to do them in Private Shows only.

I like my fellow cam whores and I even tip some of them sometimes, but I feel terribly sad for the lowest-viewed broadcasters who just sit clothed in front of camera, playing some music, and hoping to get tokens. I also pity the cam girls who overwork their stuff. Easy, woman, easy! You want to be able to enjoy sex later on. Isn’t it funny that I’ve literally finished writing this piece of advice without knowing any proper way of concluding it? So have fun Chaturbating and be sure to follow my advice whenever you can. Let’s keep on secretly loading our banks with cash while many people sweat a lot trying to earn some lunch money in the name of “I have a real job”!

If you’re a male broadcaster, click here to read our advice for male broadcasters.

– Janette

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