How to block freeloaders on Chaturbate

June 4, 2016
For cam models, Chaturbate can be very fun and addicting. That is true, until freeloaders try to ruin your day! Some of the freeloaders do that on purpose, others don’t even know they are freeloaders!

Earlier on, we discussed where they all usually come from. We also promised to put up a follow-up guide on how to tackle and block the freeloaders. There is only a little much you can do though. Our primary advice is just to leave them alone or silence them, but sometimes they might get on your nerve so badly that you might feel like pulling the trigger in a rage!

We found a great, effective Chaturbate app or bot that blocks greys and anonymous users from watching your cam. The app or bot is called “No Grays + Anonymous“, and was created and maintained by an app enthusiast known as “dehaan__”. This app is very functional and productive!

With that app, almost no freeloader would enjoy sitting around your chatroom. In fact, anyone with no intention of buying tokens would not be able to enjoy your room as long as the app is running. Your cam would be hidden from them, and they would see a “Cam Hidden” message instead of the free view!

One thing to keep in mind is that you might not be able to really get rid of all them, as many users who have tokens can still be freeloaders. We have encountered blue and purple users who would constantly demand without tipping. We just ban them.

A sweeter thing to do is to hand them all over to your moderators! Let your moderators have fun by silencing all the freeloaders, grey, blue or purple!

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5 comments on “How to block freeloaders on Chaturbate

  1. Richard smith

    All blocks -.There are far to many freeloaders with 124 users on line, there is basically only 3 or 4 users that tip. Sex is free but cam modeling is about making money to live. Would you give all your stock away or asset if you were running your own business- the answer is NO. There are too many people that want everything for free. Chaturbate dont give a toss and seen out to make money, regardless off the cam model age. There are too users and followers that are a fuckin waste of time and probably underage or fat sleezy Americans

  2. benji

    its about chatting and bating or whatever. you turned tokens into a “business,” but some of us just enjoy sex, even free sex. so go fuck urself.

  3. bestmodever

    LOL….. grays and anons are like dust in a room. They do NOT affect the earnings or rankings of a model as a room with 1,000,000 greys and no viewers with tokens will still be ranked last among all pages. Absent token buying customers the whole system collapses/

  4. Roguehat

    Very much agree, having non tippers is your room is part of the deal of being a cam model. What I find intriguing about this thread is that in any given CB room, a very small percentage of people have tokens, and of the ones who do, only a small percentage tip. Porn is everywhere, porn is free, the competition og cam sites and the the number of models is emense. User choices for models is virtually unlimited. Regarding the use of Mod’s, my experience is the more successful models do not use them. I always tip more to a model who can manage her own business. I find Mod’s can be the highest form of a begger, asking for tips, they’re akin to a pimp. Very few know how to be a true promoter, they create clutter, I for one enjoy the conversation and it’s really nice when the users converse and support each other; a Mod’s clutter just makes the conversation hard. There are a few Mid’s who do show appreciate in a genuine manner. In my option many Mind’s are power hungry. If a model has a good head on her shoulders, is kind, respectful, andappreciative of all tips even one token, and charismatic, she/he will be very successful without a Mid. It comes down to personality. In my own personal experiences, the most enjoyable experiences were with models who were not the prettiest, had the best body, or a boob job, but we’re the ones who sho could hold a good conversation, and we’re not money hungry, and respectful of s closing note,the omnibus is a turn off, to she a woman thrash about from an electrical pulse, seems so fake. Now a naked woman , smiling, being talkative, then touching herself, is a huge turn on. The original post starts on an false assumption and disrespect. Keep in mind CB makes money off a member who will never pay, they sell ad space based on the number of members loggining in, that’s why they allow them in your room, by banning them you are biting the hand that feeds you, it costs a lot of money for servers, secure credit card processing, anti fraud protection, etc.. I noticed ads on this site, and I didn’t tip anyone, so this site is making money by me freeloading. Consider the big picture. Being a model is a business, bring out the most in yourself.

  5. Krisy

    This post is disgusting, for one, and inaccurate, for another. Viewer counts can be just as important as tips. If a grey is sitting quietly in your room, minding their own business and not talking (begging, demanding, etc), blocking or kicking them is merely a means of shooting yourself in the foot. Not to mention that, at it’s core, this is a customer service industry to the extreme. Not saying pamper beggars, sure, get rid of them. But the glee this article shows when talking about turning people over to moderators (who are often only a step above beggars themselves) is horrendous. Mods are there to help you make more money. The ones who ENJOY upsetting other people need to go as fast as the beggars.

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