How to Be a Moderator on Chaturbate

Moderators are assigned by broadcasters.

The purposes of a moderator on Chaturbate:

  1. Moderators help make the chat room a friendlier place by silencing troublemakers and thanking viewers who tip the broadcaster.
  2. Moderators usually announce the broadcaster’s sexy goal of the day, urging the viewers to tip.
  3. The presence of a moderator in a chat room gives viewers an incentive to behave well.
  4. The moderators answer some questions asked by the viewers if the broadcaster gets those questions frequently and no longer wishes to answer them because they make the room topic change.
  5. When the broadcaster doesn’t wish to seem like a “token whore”, he or she can let the moderator urge viewers to tip.

How to be a moderator

Being a moderator on Chaturbate is very fun, especially if there are hundreds of people or more in the chat room. The best way of obtaining the moderator status in a chat room is by being very nice and positive to the broadcaster, who has the power of granting and revoking the moderator privilege. There is no guarantee that you will ever be made a moderator on any chat room, but the following are reasonable steps that have proven to be successful in getting the broadcaster to grant the moderator privilege to some users:

  1. Be very nice and tip the broadcaster very often. (2% chance of working)
  2. Be the broadcaster’s “white knight” by insulting anyone who insults or provokes the broadcaster. (1% chance of working)
  3. Politely ask the broadcaster to make you a moderator. Never ask to be a moderator if you have no tokens or if you don’t tip the model. (4% chance of working, though you risk being banned by the broadcaster if this fails to work for you)

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Back to moderator business:

How to silence a user

When users start demanding without tipping, or when they ignore the chat room rules and warnings, the moderator may decide to silence such users. To do so,

  1. Click the user’s username
  2. Select “Silence user for 6 hours”
  3. A confirmation dialog box will pop up. Select “Yes”.

In most cases, a similar step may be used to “unsilence” the silenced users.

Do moderators get paid on Chaturbate?

No, moderators do not get paid for being moderators. They are volunteers who want to do some favor to their broadcasters.

Keep in mind that not all broadcasters favor the idea of having moderators or mods. Some broadcasters will kindly deny your request to be their moderator; other broadcasters will kick you out of their chat rooms, in addition to rejecting your moderator request. Also, many broadcasters already have moderators, and thus, they do not want more. Some of those broadcasters get angry when you ask to be an additional mod. Therefore, think twice before asking to be a mod in a chat room that already has one or more mods.

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