How much you make on Chaturbate?

Delilah asked:
Hey models! I’m wondering how much money you make on average. I know that putting exact amount is not easy, but I mean, if I start webcam modeling today, how much do you think I can earn within a week?

Kirstin answered:
It depends on the amount of time you wanna spend broadcasting. I get like two hundred viewers whenever I broadcast and I don’t leave until I make at least 1000 tokens, which is $50. I broadcast for about 3 to 4 hours per day, and sometimes it takes me an hour to make a thousand tokens, while other times it takes me just 20 minutes.

Anonymous answered:
If you’re really cute, you can expect to make enough to pay your bills at least.

Anabelle answered:
I love Chaturbate so much. Sometimes I make 3000 tokens within 40 minutes. I use the “Hidden Cam” app often, and I have like 100000 followers, so you shouldn’t judge by my success if you’re new, hehe.

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