Hot_Milfy_Mom is sexy and creative

May 19, 2015
We have not watched her cam yet, but she has just won the Creative Cam of the Year at the Live Cam Awards! Chaturbate also won an award: Most Innovative Live Cam Site of the Year! This event took place in Barcelona, Spain. I hope you all can see more of the reasons why we always love Chaturbate!

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8 comments on “Hot_Milfy_Mom is sexy and creative

  1. Zak

    All these haters for no reason.

    Firstly: M.B. unless you have some kind of evidence to back up your claims, what you’re basing your rant off is heresay, and the source is probably from disgruntled fans that didn’t get their way for nothing. In other words, greys that tipped her nothing but still wanted everything.

    Secondly: Scam … I’ve had no issues with her in privates. I tip, I make reasonable requests (and yes, one of those requests was the same one you made) and I received what I tipped for. So either you’re A) lying about having tipped her and just jumping on the bandwagon like a damn sheep. BAAAAH! Or B) you used one of those illegal token-generating programs to tip her and she potentially figured that out and paid you back with exactly what you paid for … fuck all 🙂

    1. Scam Prostitutes

      Zak you a loser white knight recluse fanboy. She lives by selling herself and her daughter lol. She is a prostitute and a whore through and through(Failure and piece of shit in life). Get over her and yourself and find an actual woman to touch and spend your money on you fucking loser. Rose Redwood is a trash bag

  2. M.B.

    I still cant understand how This bitch and her daughter are not in jail yet. They both (before chaturbate banned drinking) got drunk and admitted to having mother/daughter sex with a toy light saber in ana’s ass and how after waxing Ana’s pussy when she was 15 that Rose wood kiss her better, This was all on chaturbate. About 2 years ago they went to a Fr*d My*r’s store where Rose (live) pointed the web cam at ana while she( in a dressing room) put 3 pairs of panties in her pussy after which ana said ” I hope the next girl washes them first” about 2 minutes later ana exposed herself sitting in a chair ( black recliner) while a small girl and boy walked behind her with ( what looked like) their G-mother( i still have most of this video). Ana herself (again on cam) sold her virginity to some guy she claimed was a friend but was never seen or heard from again. they both for the Price of almost $2000. ( a raffle) met the lucky winner in a motel in Washington and/or Oregon where they claimed to both have 3-some sex with him and until a unforeseen reason the video disappeared, was for sale, no I never saw the video, but was told in chat in was real nasty. Yes Ana, and her mother have proven over and over they are hookers and continue to sell themselves mostly off cam, Ana at collage Rose at her Massage parlor ( yeah right) can we say happy ending.

  3. Scam Prostitutes

    And how the fuck is she or any of these models creative?? They exchange their naked bodies and sex acts to pathetic men and perverts for money….whats that called?? Prostitution!!! She is a jobless lazy whore who also profits from her daughter being a broadcaster as well. Gross

  4. Scam Prostitutes

    This woman is a piece of shit. She only goes nude in private so I took her private one time. I had a request that she bend over for me or show her ass and she wouldnt. While my tokens were being taken for the private, all she did was lay back and waist my time and tokens. Rose Redwood is a scammer and a piece of shit.

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