Fake Boobs Defeat OhMiBod

August 26, 2015

Remember the good old days before April 2015? I mean the days when a model would set a goal and viewers would compete by tipping to reach the goal. The days when a chat room’s subject would be something like “Token Keno” or “Naked at goal!” Those fun days were briefly over with the arrival of the OhMiBod vibrator, and every room subject sadly became “OhMiBod panties that vibrate at the sound of tips and makes me wet”.

We were all scared that Chaturbate would die soon, because almost every model decided to buy this thing and use it on live cam. Even, some of the best models decided to use it too! It was like a virus, spreading and spreading, faster and faster. Today, you would think that your favorite model was immune and that she would never do that bullshit, but suddenly you see her room subject change to “OhMiBod makes me wet when you tip!” And you cry, and cry, and cry, because you are her moderator and you cannot tell her to stop.

Do not cry anymore. The use of this vibrator is gradually decreasing on Chaturbate. Thank goodness. Don’t get us wrong though; a handful of models still use it on cam, and we don’t like that, but most of the models we used to follow have really dropped the vibrator or have started using it offline only and not on Chaturbate.

But gear up for some other upcoming pain in the ass; fake boobs are taking over! Many girls on Chaturbate now have fake boobs and or fake ass. And just like with OhMiBod, you cannot question them on the issue. Even some girls with previously perfect breasts decided they needed some bigger tits! Look at your left and right after watching them and you would be wondering whether your pillows are a girl’s boobs.

We tried to have a private show with a girl who was proud of her big tits; she only showed boobs in private so we entered private and saw gross fresh bloody scars on her breasts! WTF, you should have waited a few more weeks before broadcasting, sweetie! Give your new scars a chance to heal a little bit before you try to cash out on your surgery. Damn!!

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3 comments on “Fake Boobs Defeat OhMiBod

  1. Roxy

    I’m transgender and i’d like some implants in the future, the hormone therapy is nice, but i think i need more there, may be C cups at least? :c

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