Does a Language Affect My Performance on Chaturbate?

Chaturbate is made of people from different nationalities. But unfortunately, one language has proven to help the broadcaster better than the other languages. So, what language is it actually?

The English language. Many viewers who are willing to spend their money on Chaturbate are from English-speaking countries. Those viewers are often turned off when they see other languages being spoken by the broadcasters or other chatters on the chat room. Usually, this makes your potential tippers refuse to chat, eventually leaving your room without tipping.

What should you do about this? We recommend that you prohibit your viewers from speaking any language other than English. You may let your blue or purple users speak other languages though, if you believe they would tip you that way. Except in that particular case, it has been clear to us that you might enjoy speaking your local language (non-English) with your viewers, with the side-effects being that you would have less tippers, because many potential tippers do not speak your local non-English language.

Matt and Jane

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