Did OhMiBod kill Camgasm?

March 22, 2018
Chaturbate launched a “private-show-only” live cam site known as Camgasm, in 2016. However, the site was infested with cam girls using or claiming to use the dreaded OhMiBod, or a device they claimed to vibrate when you tip them. In fact–as we noticed–no cam girl without OhMibod used the site. It was very, very sad to see the girls sit there with their room subjects saying the copy-pasted message “OhMibod, panties that vibrates at your tips and make me wet“.
Just last year, Camgasm.com was closed down by Chaturbate.

Could Chaturbate have saved Camgasm.com by banning the use of OhMiBod? Well, Kirsten, our live cam specialist, explains:
“Before we look at the fall of Camgasm, let’s look at Chaturbate itself. Chaturbate became infested with OhMibod in 2015, but managed to survive because some top models refused to use the OhMiBod style. A lot of models still accepted requests and performed for tips. This, I believe, is what saved Chaturbate from failing completely. Can we say the same about Camgasm? Well, absolutely not. Every model there used or claimed to use OhMibod, making the site a dead island. So yes, Chaturbate could have saved Camgasm by limiting or banning the use of OhMiBod or Lovense devices there.”

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3 comments on “Did OhMiBod kill Camgasm?

  1. Buh

    I’m thankful for my ohmibod. I show myself naked and do fun shows. But not without my ohmibod. Without this thing before I was broke. Now I’m making enough to pay my bills finally. Men become greedier and greedier. It’s no wonder we need to go to such methods. sorry not sorry

  2. bobsinclaire

    nothing is wrong with these toys, but some models abuse it. they just sit there and dont talk show half their face and expect to get tipped for what? I cannot believe what chaturbate turned into! The worst model is caylin who is supposively a top model but if you seen her before she fucked up her face with plastic surgery you would not believe its the same person. I cannot believe how much money I spent on her to fuck up her face. By the time she reaches my age all of those injections will make her look 10x older.

  3. June Halliday

    I share your views on the overrated OhMibod, but I reckon Camgasm failed not because it failed to limit or ban the use of such devices, but because it fundamentally misunderstood the demands of the cam market. A ‘non-nude in public’ style of presentation, which was the stated objective of Camgasm, was simply not popular, and failed to find enough models who could attract enough attention on such a basis.

    CB’s primary problem is not the absence of more rules on devices or toys (which are already absurdly complicated), but having far too many rules. The rules on behaviour are largely based on the failing remnants of the North American porn market. Most CB models do not come from that culture, and find many of CB’s rules bizarre and antiquated.

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