Cam couple Exoticpanda becomes #1

June 20, 2016

Despite a seemingly increase of ethnic bias and resentment of interracial couples in the adult camming industry, interracial cam couple Exoticpanda has become the most viewed today, live on Chaturbate, with more than 4200 viewers continuously.

This proves that there is actually a great demand for the interracial category. It also shows that in fact there may not have been any increase of ethnic bias or resentment of interracial couples by viewers in the adult camming industry!

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3 comments on “Cam couple Exoticpanda becomes #1

  1. Donald Trump

    Whats wrong with the resentment? Why are you promoting the coalburner as though she won a fucking award? Seriously, fuck off with your Zionist propaganda you fucking enabler!

    1. Matt and Jane Post author

      Sieg heil! Now I know why I have to vote for Trump. Imagine a Nazi USA. That’s gotta be fantastic. I heard that German Nazis occasionally terrorized their own master race citizens and even falsely accused and executed their main innovators.
      That would be awesome in the currently boring USA which only has boring massive shootings at schools, movie theaters and other happy places around the country. We need to make the country as more horror-filled as possible so that it’s not boring anymore!
      Trump 2016, let’s make America great again!

      1. Veronica

        I hate Trump, but it seems you’re only promoting couples nowadays. What did the solo models do to you, or is it because you’re a couple?

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