Cheater Babbydollxxx Gets Banned

April 9, 2015
Babbydollxxx, a sexy model who had been on our Do Not Tip List for months, has been banned by Chaturbate, we found out last week.
She was brought to our attention by angry token buyers who have reportedly wasted tokens on her for nothing. Here is the full report retrieved from our Do Not Tip List about Babbydollxxx:

Reason: users say that if you stay in this girlโ€™s chat room for a few minutes without tipping, she will kick you out. Also, if you tip her and make any request โ€” a normal thing to do, she will still kick you out, the users complained. She does nothing in private shows either, and will ban you if during a private show you demand that she do anything, according to the user complaints. Her Chaturbate rating score is 49%, according to available official Chaturbate profile stats. Chaturbate warns token buyers to โ€œtip at your own riskโ€ any broadcaster with a rating score of less than 65%.

Often, our good readers send these reports and we investigate and verify the reports before posting them. However, some of our readers decide to also report the bad models to Chaturbate instead of only to us. That is what may lead to the bad models getting banned in addition to being exposed by us.

Babbydollxxx was a sexy model with big boobs, and it seems she had either used that username only on Chaturbate or the site was the only cam site she had worked at. Either way, her Chaturbate followers will greatly miss her, if she had any.

So, our people, please tell us what you think by commenting below!

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12 comments on “Cheater Babbydollxxx Gets Banned

  1. giuseppe9312

    i think we should have option to write a comment on their profile and they can not remove it so we know whoo scam member that option should be update by chaturbate team will be good improvement

  2. c0mtesseqc

    I’m glad she got banned. Because models like me desirve to have those tokens. My show are awesome . It’s a shame to see those girl get more and give nothing. Thank you chaturbate for been right! I’m not jealous but after giving to her all there token for nothing, they come in my room begging me to finish them. I just don’t understand I’m not so bad after all and my English is better.

  3. Veronica

    Any model who behaves like that girl should be banned. Applause to Chaturbate for doing the right thing by banning her ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. pikachu9

    It’s funny how she claimed to be from the UK on her profile even though she was speaking Romanian language all the time. I have to agree that good Romanian girls are not in a good spotlight by the bad representation they get from these bad ones.

    1. IslamicJihad

      The Romani and probably the Jews are the ones bringing hell to Romania.
      I believe that Romania is finding it difficult to stop being like a third world country, but with the Romani people staying there it would be much more difficult to advance the poor European country.
      Sometimes I even think Romania is not a European country because it’s a shame to believe that Europe could be that poor and backwards.

  5. anthony

    Hahaha you call that ugly whore sexy LMAO her boobs are probably fake too ๐Ÿ˜€
    What a good news though!

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