Chaturbate Token Generators – Are There Real Ones?

There are many websites that claim to provide “Chaturbate token generator” software. Typically, they promise that after you complete a certain set of surveys, you would be able to download and use the software. At least one of them has claimed that the survey is only for security purposes. But are these real? Is there really a functioning token generator?

Many viewers who want to tip their broadcasters but have no money to buy tokens may be tempted to look for any possible way to acquire tokens for free. Those are the kind of people who may find themselves wishing or hoping for something like token generators. After a thorough investigation, we found out that, unfortunately, there is no such thing as a token generator. Now, we will let that sink in before we continue below.

There are no token generators. All you will see is a screenshot of a bogus software – a fake software that you will never get to download, because you will be bombarded with surveys after surveys. At no point in time will the almost infinite surveys end up with you finally being able to download the promised token generator.

You may ask, but what about those that don’t have surveys? The answer is simple: you would be subjected to downloading some computer virus or viruses along with the bogus software that would actually result in the banning of your Chaturbate account, without providing you with any usable tokens.
Depending on whether you submitted your account details (username and password) to the software, your Chaturbate account may be hacked (compromised or taken over) by someone else who has access to the back-end of the bogus software. That is reality.

Are there any real token generators? The answer is no.

We therefore encourage you to stop wasting your valuable time looking for a “real” token generator; you could actually use that time to find a good job that would help you buy tokens the legal way. Let’s also use some logic that if token generators were real, Chaturbate would go bankrupt within a few days and actually close. Why? Because when an automatically generated token is tipped to the broadcaster, the broadcaster may convert the token to cash as it’s supposed to be, and Chaturbate would have to pay the cash to the broadcaster- but from whose bank account? So no, that’s logically conflicting.

And for all you fellow broadcasters who also want to automatically generate tokens to be converted to cash, really? People, it’s impossible. Don’t hurt yourselves; we have a piece of advice on how to make more money on Chaturbate, and we believe you should check it out. Save your time and energy. Enjoy Chaturbating!
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