Chaturbate New Colors for Tippers

July 23, 2014 | Updated August 3, 2015

Please see the August 2015 updated article here. Older post follows below.

This Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014, a new message can be seen below every chatroom on Chaturbate, saying, “New Colors for Tippers: To help large tippers receive their much-deserved attention, Chaturbate has introduced 2 new colors.” The message continued, saying, “Users who tip over 250 tokens within the past 24 hours will appear as light purple, and users who tip over 1000 will appear as dark purple.” Chaturbators were then urged to “Please contact support[at[ and let us know how you feel about this change.”

This seems to be an incentive to make viewers want to tip their broadcasters (models) more. Critics on the chatrooms say that Chaturbate is desperate, while admirals say that it is rather a good innovation. Most of the admirals are broadcasters, and it is thought that the broadcasters admire this because it would be easier to know who is more likely to tip you in your Chatroom, so that you know when to work really hard and become nicer.

Update for July 28, 2014:
A new notice has been discovered on Chaturbate, saying:
Users Can Opt-Out of High Tipper Colors: Chaturbate recently added 2 new colors for high tippers — light purple and dark purple. Some users didn’t like the extra attention this brought them, so there is now an option to opt-out of these colors. Under the “gear” icon above chat, there is a new option named “Highest Token Color”.

The Evolution of Tipper Colors on Chaturbate

Before 2013, Chaturbate reportedly had only one color, blue, to denote tippers (or users who have at least one token). At that time, anyone who had a token or tokens, would appear blue. This means that you, as a broadcaster, might be working really hard thinking that the person is ready to tip you some decent amount of tokens, whereas in reality the person you’re trying to impress only has one token. It is believed by Chaturbators on chatrooms that this is what led to the addition of a new shade of blue in 2013, where dark blue then represented people who tipped up to “50 tokens within the past 24 hours”, while light blue represented anyone who had at least 1 token but had not tipped up to 50 tokens within the recent 24 hours. Now in 2014, Chaturbate wants to highlight even higher tippers, thus the addition of the new colors dark purple and light purple. Users who have no tokens have always been grey on the chatrooms.

The evolution chain for tipper colors of Chaturbate:

Before 2013 – Blue

In 2013 – Light blue and dark blue
In 2014 – Light blue, dark blue, light purple and dark purple

Matt and Jane reporting.

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