Chaturbate Model Rating

Chaturbate model rating is the rating score of a cam girl or cam guy, from a sum of votes made by the viewers. Only users who have tipped a model at least 25 tokens in the last twenty-four hours can rate that model within those twenty-four hours.

How it affects the broadcasters

There hasn’t yet been any clear evidence that Chaturbate uses this to prioritize the listing of models on the main page. However, if a model has an overall score below 65%, a warning would be automatically showed to anyone who tries to tip the model. Some models try to hide their rating, but viewers can still find out models who have low rating by following an easy step below.

How to find out a model’s rating when the model has turned off rating score

A model can only turn off the visible score, but viewers can still rate the model and even find out whether the model is good or bad in terms of rating. To find out, just click the green “Send Tip” button. If the model has a rating of less than 65%, you will see a red warning that says:

WARNING: This room has a
low satisfaction rating.

The warning appears even if the model disables the rating score, as long as many people vote thumbs down for the model and the model has less than 65% rating score.

It is not a good idea to tip a model who has such a low rating, as it would encourage that model to continue being bad or cheating the viewers.

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