Chaturbate launches 2-step verification

March 1, 2017

Chaturbate has launched a stronger security system for its users (viewers and models). Users may see a notification recommending that they update their security settings. This came about after an email update from Chaturbate concerning security issues with its DDOS attack prevention service provider.

“As you may have seen on social media reports, Cloudflare (a DDoS mitigation service provider) announced that they had a memory leak bug,” the email said.

“Immediately upon being alerted of the incident, our team confirmed with Cloudflare that the vulnerability had been rectified and ran the necessary steps and protocols to assess the magnitude of the concern. There is no evidence that any CB data, such as IDs or accounts, have been compromised.”

“With all of that said, it is a good time to remind everybody of security best practices… To adjust your security settings and enable Two-Step Verification on Chaturbate, visit the ‘Security Center’ link on the bottom of the site.”

Users may see a notification banner on top of most pages of Chaturbate which says “Add an extra layer of protection to your account by setting up 2-Step Verification at the Security Center”.

To set the 2-step verification, go to your Chaturbate profile, click “Settings and Privacy”, scroll down to “Security Center”, and use the link under it.

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