Chaturbate and MyFreeCams difference

May 1, 2015
Many cam models who perform on Chaturbate are also performing on MyFreeCams (MFC), especially while working from studios. Some ultimately leave MyFreeCams and settle on Chaturbate.
Apparently, MFC has a lot of similarities to Chaturbate. However, taking a closer look, there are a few differences that make them really stand out from each other. Let us take a look at both the similarities and the differences via the Chaturbate vs MyFreeCams chart below.

For broadcasters:

Free chat
Chaturbate: Yes, MyFreeCams: Yes.

Private chat:
Chaturbate: Yes, MyFreeCams: Yes.

Genders allowed to be model:
Chaturbate: all, MyFreeCams: females only.

Race or ethnicity allowed to be model:
Chaturbate: all, MyFreeCams: all.

Age allowed to be model:
Chaturbate: anyone 18 and up, MyFreecams: Any female from 18 to 45.

Token value:
Chaturbate: $0.05 per token, MyFreeCams: $0.05 per token.

Private show price:
Chaturbate: 6 to 150 tokens per minute, MyFreeCams: 60 tokens per minute.

Option to turn off private show recording:
Chaturbate: Yes, MyFreeCams: No.

Custom chat background design:
Chaturbate: No, MyFreeCams: Yes.

Custom profile design:
Chaturbate: Yes, MyFreeCams: Yes.

Users’ ability to follow model:
Chaturbate: Yes, MyFreeCams: No.

Earn extra via user fan club membership:
Chaturbate: Yes, MyFreeCams: No.

Model-assigned moderators:
Chaturbate: Yes, MyFreeCams: No.

For cam viewers:

Token value:
Chaturbate: Variable depending on amount purchased, MyFreeCams: Variable depending on amount purchased.

Private show price:
Chaturbate: Variable depending on model’s settings, MyFreeCams: 60 tokens per minute.

Private show recording guarantee:
Chaturbate: No (that is because models may disable recording, though you will know), MyFreeCams: Yes.

Ability to follow model:
Chaturbate: Yes, MyFreeCams: No.

Ability to add model as friend:
Chaturbate: No, MyFreeCams: Yes.

Member lounge where only members hangout to discuss models:
Chaturbate: No, MyFreeCams: Yes.

Ability to join your model’s fan club:
Chaturbate: Yes, MyFreeCams: No.

Ability to have a real sex with or marry or get into real-life relationship with cam model:
Chaturbate: No, MyFreeCams: No.

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