Chatur-Emails! :)

Here’s a log of some of the emails we receive from visitors and readers. Enjoy!

Date 2017-02-17 12:30
Name or nickname: bosnia_doll

Comment: I greet you !

I have a problem because of your posting my photo and videos .I would ask you to delete this my photos and videos that are on your page.

They are found at this link – [Removed] .

answer me, thank you in advance !
That is not our website. Any website URL that does not start with or, does not belong to us! So we cannot remove those pics and videos because we don’t have access to them.

Date 2017-02-06 07:17
Name or nickname: TalkwithAnn

Comment: Hi I m new model from asia recently signed up in chaturbate .its has been very nice experience and i dont use the
Lovense or ohmibod after reading ur blog and dont wish to use it in future too.i go on cam and say hi and welcome my tippers everytime flash do some ordinary spanking thats it i am raiding money 4 the popular hitachi to play with .but only thing is I m not earning more tokens as like the models who use these tip toys i dont have jealousy in me by seeing them but i feel the efforts i put in is not equal to wat i receive .I m sorry if i have done wrong and sent this to u and i dont whether i can send this but i like to be encouraged and to be advised to wat should i do to earn a little more ( I m not greedy for huge tips ) juz to pay my bills but i dont concentrate on earnning money but to enjoy first .
Thank u for patiently reading this .respects from Ann
Cheating is cheating. If you deceive people in order to make more money to pay the bills, you get the advantage but it’s still an act of deceit and unfairly earned money. We know you have to pay your bills, but cheating is cheating!

Date 2017-02-02 16:42
Name or nickname: Francesca

Comment: Hello i just want become a model on chaturbate how can i make that ?Thank you!
Seriously? After reading our main articles? LOL

Date 2017-01-25 06:42
Name or nickname: Woolymu

Comment: Maybe off-topic, but I’m intrigued to see how many Cb models are Colombian. Their [state] of Antioquia, which includes the city of Medellín, seems to be where most Cb Celombians are.

Would truly love to know: why so many?

Fwiw, nattysoho is a single mom. Seems she’s recently found a decent guy. I’m fond of her, and surely wish the best for her!

The mis-educated misspell it “Columbia”, which is a city in Missouri, iirc.

Best regards, indeed!

(From Australian Wooloomooloo, a brand of clothing, and iirc a place name.)

I’m a citizen of the Divided States of America, eastern Massachusetts…

Other aliiases, at various places and times:
Nicabod, niqabod, nikevich (Wikipedia), octoge (Cb), yodadadude, Yodada Dude, Enby, and maybe more.
One thing we can all agree on is that Chaturbate has been overrun by Colombians and Romanians. There are many hot Colombians though 😀