Cam girl Missfairy gets banned

June 22, 2016 | Updated July 27, 2016

Update– Missfairy was permanently prohibited from broadcasting, but she finally closed her entire Chaturbate account a few days ago.
Proof she was permanently banned– screenshot obtained from a temporary Google archive:

Previous story:
A hot petite cam girl known as Missfairy has been permanently banned by Chaturbate, we just confirmed. All bans on Chaturbate are usually permanent, but we put the emphasis on “permanent” here because sometimes a user is banned by mistake and later un-banned. Usually, a user may be un-banned after submitting required info, particularly if the user was banned for looking underage. But for the case of Missfairy, she has been permanently banned. This means the chances of her being un-banned is about 0%.

She had very lively shows, and occasionally received foot fetish requests for her gorgeous feet. Her appearance might remind you of Ariana Grande sometimes. Missfairy’s viewers almost never got bored of her. She knew how to present a watchable show, and how to respond to special requests. She was a top model on Chaturbate. She was a good example of how models should treat their viewers.

One of her former fans said, “This is shocking. It’s even more shocking for the fact that I have no way of contacting her. I can’t find her Twitter account. I don’t even know if she had one.” He continued: “There is a Twitter account with her name when I searched on Google, but when I click the Twitter account it says the page does not exist. Maybe she deleted everything with anger after she was banned by Chaturbate.”
Of course, people will keep on guessing why she was banned. But chances are, nobody will ever know, except Chaturbate, whose chances of releasing the info is about zero percent.

“This is just outrageous,” said another former viewer. “Chaturbate has banned more than half of the models I’m following. Something is really wrong either with the models or with the rules or with Chaturbate itself,” he added. He concluded that “Whatever is the problem needs to be solved as soon as possible, otherwise people would be scared to become models on Chaturbate.”

Missfairy had so many fans, and her fans will truly miss her. So we advise people to read Chaturbate’s rules completely before signing up as a model there.

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54 comments on “Cam girl Missfairy gets banned

  1. Fairy

    hey everyone, its fairy here to clear the air-

    whew, what a time its been.. what prompted me to stop camming was me deciding to end the relationship i was in at the time. I closed my chaturbate account back in 2016 because I was going though a very difficult time in my life emotionally, which led to me spending many years traveling, finishing school, and ultimately finding myself. I truly love sharing my sexual energy with those wiling to receive, exhibitionism will always be a core way to experience this for me.

    With that said, I have started broadcasting on CB again this month! Follow my new twitter @pennypixie_ .
    Very excited for this new chapter. Love you guys <3

  2. ThatGuyThatKnowsTooMuch

    She was banned for a reason, but I did want to add what led up to it. She said (way back when) on her Twitter(now closed) that she was having problems with her boyfriend (cheated on if I remember) and that she went to go move in with her parents and at that time she stopped broadcasting(before the ban) but still had rare shows, and if I my memory serves me right she also started working at her job before charturbate, then she did the whole asked for donations(she never said you would get anything in return) and then her account got banned that’s when I found this blog all those years ago and found out she was banned she then shortly after closed her Twitter. I always come back here hoping that she made a new account somewhere. I always wonder what happened since the camming days, and what she now looks like. If you reading this, I hope you are happy, well, and as is always safe.

  3. Mat

    Man, I miss her a lot. She was absolutely perfect. Teeth, tits, legs, belly, smile, hair, everything! Wish I could see her again 🙁

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