Cam Girl Leaves MFC, Joins Chaturbate

December 29, 2014
Cam Girls Prefer Chaturbate:

A very hot petite girl known as Blaze Fyre has left MyFreeCams (MFC) to join Chaturbate, according to her blog. She was initially only on MFC, a camwhore website similar to Chaturbate, but which only accepts female camwhores unlike Chaturbate which accepts males, females and transsexuals as camwhores.

Fyre enjoyed some features of MFC until an allegedly controversial feature known as “camscore” began to irritate her. Chaturbate does not evidently rank users based on ratings. Chaturbate lists models according to their popularity, i.e. the number of viewers the model has at a particular time. But on the contrary, MFC reportedly demotes any camwhore who takes too long to make any money while being online on the site. Fyre wrote that this has made her unable to get a lot of viewers.

Initially, when she decided to try Chaturbate, Fyre had not planned to leave MFC. On Chaturbate, she got over one thousand viewers during her broadcast even when she wasn’t doing much on cam, compared to just over one hundred viewers that she was getting on MFC. She also discovered that Chaturbate has more flexible features and moderation tools than MFC.
MFC’s camscore feature became a bigger problem for her that she eventually left the website and finally settled on Chaturbate. Fyre has a few things she doesn’t love about Chaturbate, but evidently the things she loves about it weigh much heavier than the things she loves about MFC.

This event was apparently noted on Blaze Fyre’s blog in 2012 with at least one undated update.

We looked up more into other testified cases by other models and found out that in the long run, many cam girls prefer Chaturbate when compared to MFC.

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9 comments on “Cam Girl Leaves MFC, Joins Chaturbate

  1. anthony

    WTF.. is this supposed to be news or what.. This happened in 2012. This article looks to me like another weak attempt to promote the almighty Chaturbate. :O

    1. pikachu9

      I think it’s an interesting news. What makes it interesting is that a prominent cam girl like Blaze Fyre would leave the self-acclaimed “top cam site” (MFC) and join Chaturbate instead.
      It shows that Chaturbate is winning, and will definitely outperform all other big cam sites in the near future.

  2. Veronica

    Blaze Fyre and her girlfriend Birdylovesit are my two main rivals. I have this unexplainable bitter envy whenever any of them is online 🙁

    1. IslamicJihad

      Haha! Do you show your tits or do you eagerly wait for tokens before you take off one layer of your clothes for us? Cuz if you wait for tokens then you will never do better than Blaze or her friends.

      1. Veronica

        The question should be, are you a freeloader?
        I swear, I can see you as one of those penniless men who don’t even say hi to a model before saying “open boobs bb!”

      2. IslamicJihad

        Then keep on crying cuz you only have five users in your room and Blaze has like 2000.
        And you said, “model”. Hahahaha more like a “camwhore” as the article says. 😀
        Allah will punish all you camwhores.
        Allah Akbar!!

      3. Matt and Jane Post author

        IslamicJihad, so you’re a full-time troll? I can see you’re working very hard lately. I hope you’re getting a decent salary for that.

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