Cam girl Emma_77 gets banned

April 15, 2018
A new cam girl has just been banned after she constantly posted on other models’ chat rooms.
Cam girl known as Emma_77 would go to other models’ chat rooms and write “hey guys!” or “how are you guys!”
She did that so that the viewers of other models would click her name and watch her cam. She did this on popular models’ chat rooms, and those girls instantly silenced or kicked her out of the room. But she did not learn her lesson; she kept doing it on other chat rooms until she was permanently banned by Chaturbate.
Other banned models worth mentioning:
• Asianperl4u
• Asianpearl4u

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3 comments on “Cam girl Emma_77 gets banned

  1. Alan

    Colombian models are the worst, was in a room the other night and in less than 2 hours, TEN different models popped in to ‘say hi’

  2. Dukey

    Are all given tokens real and verified here before using?
    Sometimes people give a lot of tokens (more than 1000 tokens) and disappear suddenly.
    I see sites they tell you that you can generate tokens for free. I don’t trust that.

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