Cam girl Brunetik gets banned

November 1, 2016

As we near the holidays, we expect that a lot more models will be permanently banned especially for trying to illicitly make money to use during the holidays. A busty cam girl known as “Brunetik” has been permanently banned from Chaturbate, we discovered some days ago. Here are some remarks from people who claimed to have seen her shows before she was banned:

“She is a very lazy cam girl; that’s all I know,” said an anonymous.
“There should be a school for cam modeling,” another anon said. “She needs to be taught how to be a cam girl,” he added.

And now, a very interesting story from one of her former viewers:

Cam girl “Brunetik” on the
phone while in private show.

“I remember a day when I was in her chat room and I requested to enter private show with her. She accepted the private show but then started talking to someone on the phone. I was really patient with her, but she kept going for minutes. My tokens were running down. She was taking my tokens and giving me nothing in return. She was on the phone for many minutes before I gave up waiting.

“I then told her I want my tokens back. I was a verified member so I could receive tokens as well; I told her she should give me back my tokens by going to my profile and tipping me. She refused, and kicked me out of her room instead. I got everything recorded on my screen-recording software, and reported her to Chaturbate immediately. I entered her room and told her to watch who would lose her source of income. She again kicked me out of her room.

“Brunetik” the cam girl.

“I then smiled and went and made myself some coffee. I returned and logged in to my third account to say a final goodbye to the scammer. I tried to load her cam page, and that was when I was super delighted to see ‘Access denied, this room has been banned’. She has been banned from the site! Her Chaturbate modeling career is over! You should see how I rejoiced as if I won the World Cup!”

That was a fantastic story for sure. Anyways, as usual, we encourage people to read Chaturbate’s rules first before signing up to be a model there.

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13 comments on “Cam girl Brunetik gets banned

  1. siswet19


    I’m siswet19 and i am banned on Chaturbate AGAIN… and i never break 1 of those rules, the day before Yesterday i was also banned and their reason was: someone (i think a jealous model) reported me, and said i asked for offline payments. But i never ever do things like that! I dont need offline payments and why should i?? i dont care about that…

    I am innocent and i feel like i am threated like shit by Chaturbate support… i don’t understand it and i never do something wrong, and i always get banned… (i’ve been banned to many times because of something i couldnt do anything about or for something i just didnt do or didnt know… but why no warning or something first, no i always get banned immideatly) I’m one of the harders working models on their website and have over 500.000 followers on Chaturbate (second most followers)….

    I have the strong feeling jealous models are reporting me all the time for things i dont do to get me banned on Chaturbate…

    I don’t know what to do, I’m helpless.. i already sended a few e-mails to them but don’t get any response back yet.. takes so long

    Regards, siswet19

    1. June

      I sympathise with siswet19, but it’s good to see her ban has ceased. Unfortunately, it is true that models do report each other, to get ‘rid of the competition’. It would help, I feel, if CB was more explicit on the reason for a ban.

      siswet was lucky though. Not counting the exhibitionists, many of whom do not last more than 10 minutes or so, I would estimate the number of CB broadcasters getting permanent bans is several hundred each year.

  2. A winner

    LMAO, you sound like a Fing loser. Logged in toy youre 3rd account? sounds like youre the scammer, who the hell has 3 accounts? and if she’s on the phone, youre dumb ass waited and waited till you ran out of tokens. Its against site rules to record shows, if she wanted to she could email the site to say I want to sue the person for stealing intellectual property they have to turn your IP address and billing info to her lawyer.
    and lastly a ban only last for 7 days, she can remake an account or work else where.
    At the end of the day she still got your money, lol, what a retard.
    You rejoiced because youre a obsesses loser

    1. Matt and Jane Post author

      A ban by Chaturbate is permanent and not seven days. She’s still banned:

      If she creates another account, she will be banned again as soon as Chaturbate finds out or somebody recognizes her and reports her again.

      The story was submitted to us by a Chaturbate user, so hopefully you don’t assume this was our (the author’s) experience.

  3. c. aldo

    sexymelvn21 was banned in 2015 as sexy_estella, came back as sexymelvn then thought she was about to be banned again, made a new account. she has been banned from every site shes been on for soliciting cash and threats

    1. c.aldo

      now she is back on chaturbate under a new name and even though she lives in the Philippines is broadcasting on north American cams. chaturbate knows all this but are unconcerned with their customers being scammed by this multiple offender

  4. GillesBlas

    I saw that model Ksycutie has been banned. Do you know the reason why ?

    Thank you for you answer,


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