Cam girl Brunetik gets banned

November 1, 2016

As we near the holidays, we expect that a lot more models will be permanently banned especially for trying to illicitly make money to use during the holidays. A busty cam girl known as “Brunetik” has been permanently banned from Chaturbate, we discovered some days ago. Here are some remarks from people who claimed to have seen her shows before she was banned:

“She is a very lazy cam girl; that’s all I know,” said an anonymous.
“There should be a school for cam modeling,” another anon said. “She needs to be taught how to be a cam girl,” he added.

And now, a very interesting story from one of her former viewers:

Cam girl “Brunetik” on the
phone while in private show.

“I remember a day when I was in her chat room and I requested to enter private show with her. She accepted the private show but then started talking to someone on the phone. I was really patient with her, but she kept going for minutes. My tokens were running down. She was taking my tokens and giving me nothing in return. She was on the phone for many minutes before I gave up waiting.

“I then told her I want my tokens back. I was a verified member so I could receive tokens as well; I told her she should give me back my tokens by going to my profile and tipping me. She refused, and kicked me out of her room instead. I got everything recorded on my screen-recording software, and reported her to Chaturbate immediately. I entered her room and told her to watch who would lose her source of income. She again kicked me out of her room.

“Brunetik” the cam girl.

“I then smiled and went and made myself some coffee. I returned and logged in to my third account to say a final goodbye to the scammer. I tried to load her cam page, and that was when I was super delighted to see ‘Access denied, this room has been banned’. She has been banned from the site! Her Chaturbate modeling career is over! You should see how I rejoiced as if I won the World Cup!”

That was a fantastic story for sure. Anyways, as usual, we encourage people to read Chaturbate’s rules first before signing up to be a model there.

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13 comments on “Cam girl Brunetik gets banned

  1. Jack Burton

    MissAlice finally got on Chaturbate but got banned, the other girls must have figured she’d be too much competition or some douches reported her for also being on MFC.

    1. Matt and Jane Post author

      @Jack Burton, or she ignored Chaturbate’s rules. Hopefully the problem is related to age verification, otherwise it may be impossible for her to return to Chaturbate. She has an active account on at least one third party site where she sells videos or does similar things that compete with Chaturbate. Perhaps she linked to those sites or talked about them frequently.

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