Cam girl Blazefyre is so cute

February 21, 2017

The cam model known as Blazefyre is so cute in this perfectly timed pic a viewer took of her during her broadcast early Tuesday morning!

Why did we love Blazefyre so much, a long time ago? It’s because she was so pretty and had awesome shows!
Why do we still love Blazefyre today? It’s because she’s even more charming and doesn’t scam viewers with some stupid boring pink stick or computer mouse thingy in her vagina! She’s actually a cam model, here to make you cum; not here to ask you to make her cum!

If you want to see what live cams used to be like before 2015, take a look at a Blazefyre’s show sometime. Go, follow her now on Chaturbate if you haven’t!

One of her viewers told us: “I don’t think Blazefyre is sexy, I think she is just very cute and pretty. I could say she’s very hot too. I just don’t think she’s sexy, after I watched her many years.” The viewer concluded: “I enjoy watching her; I’m always excited whenever she’s online!”

Anyways, after many years of cam modeling, it appears that Blazefyre is getting younger and younger. Let’s not ask how she does the magic, as long as we enjoy her charm!

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3 comments on “Cam girl Blazefyre is so cute

  1. mike

    Blaze is a great cam model. I’ve followed her for years. She recently reappeared after disappearing for a while. When she came back, she had gained weight and looked awful. Now she looks great again.

  2. Joesph

    She looked so much better as a redhead and when she was younger. She lost her babyface just kind of average now

  3. James Berna

    Blaze not so fire is over rated. Average looking and gapey pussy for such a young age. Quit abusing your cunt HOLES lame Trashy camgirls get a real job before I cum rape.

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