Cam girl banned for underage

April 23, 2016
A well-loved cam girl known as “Laura_lee” has been banned by Chaturbate, allegedly for looking underage, we just discovered. Laura, being a very sweet Colombian girl, told us her story, and we had a decent chat with her outside Chaturbate. This story is mostly based on Laura’s testimony and that of one of her fans.

Laura told us:

Hi guys , i would like to let u know about an incident in Chaturbate .
I have been on the site for almost one year , i broadcasted using my account Laura_lee m i broadcasted from another accounts too , always age verified.
I am 23 years old . Suddenly my account was banned .
Here the most subjective Cb reason, i feel disciminated . Who made the reports , a hater , a guy who was in love , pm my tippers insulting them and i had to ban him , so he made many reports and i am banned .
Thanks for listening to me. I am not asking to you reactivate any account , just wanted to let u know

She emailed Chaturbate about being banned, and Chaturbate replied:

Dear laura_lee,
Although you have provided age verification documents showing that you are over the age of 18, we’ve had a substantial number of complaints from Chaturbate users who believe that you look too young to be on the site. As you can imagine, even the suggestion that underage performers are appearing on Chaturbate is a very serious issue. We must take all steps to avoid even the impression that we are allowing minors to broadcast on the site. Unfortunately, this means that occasionally we need to block a user’s ability to broadcast — even when they prove that they are over 18 — because they appear to be too young. Your cam has been blocked based on this policy. Rest assured that any tokens you have in your account will still be distributed to you on our next payout date. Thank you for understanding.
Let us know if you require any further assistance, and we will be happy to help!
Thank you,
Customer Support

A day after we published the initial breaking news here, Laura showed us some of her most beautiful pictures which feature her in a grown-up fashion. She also showed us her driver’s license which she showed Chaturbate for age verification.

Laura told us:

Hi guys , i see u published soemthing in ur blog, thanks, here more info i sent to cb customer service and some of my followers did too .
The fun thing is i have been verified for almost a year , i am 23 years old . so what is my sin , look young . The subjective agains Objective .
Thanks for listen to me .

We replied to her:

Hi Laura,
This is Matt and Jane. Thanks for letting us know about what happened to you with Chaturbate. We see this kind of stuff happen often, where an age-verified model is banned for allegedly being underage, after being flagged by an angry user. But usually, the model gets unbanned after re-submitting age-verification info to Chaturbate.
Chaturbate has a big fear about being labelled as a child porn site. That’s why the site is very strict and acts crazy around that subject. I’m positive that one of the main reasons they’re not willing to unban you is that you have a non-U.S. ID.
Chaturbate seems to trust an I.D. that is from one of the states of the U.S. than any other country. That is the unfortunate thing – sometimes you look so young, almost like a little girl and you have very small breasts too; your breasts look like they’re still developing; your ID is from a “foreign” country — Chaturbate might suppose it is easier and more convenient to fake an ID in Colombia than in the United States.
We are really sorry that this happened to you, and although we cannot do anything to get your account reactivated, we will inquire from Chaturbate this week about underage reports and the age verification process.
But, could you please tell us about the guy you suspect reported you? How did your relationship with him start? How much do you think he ever tipped you; how often did he tip you? Did he really love you? Did you love him back? What *exactly* caused you to not want him anymore?

Then Laura replied to us:

Hi Matt hi Jane , Thanks for listening to me , for trying to explaining a little bit more the situation.
Here the sad thing is whoever, an angry user can create accounts and take down a model and all her work , i worked hard in my shows trying to entertain people , some nights i was Catwoman , others a man with moustache and played the piano , but i am not Catwoman or Sinatra in real life .
I am agree with you , i am not Usa citizen , i always was wondering how cb does to verify an id card from Zambia or Fidji .
I have seen some tv shows , Colombia tv shows in wich some underage people was involved , police arrived and u could hear the cb tips sound .So i understand Cb wants to avoid an international problem. Is easier kick a model , say bye bye and that is .
But …. look …u took the time to explained something logic , the did not . My friends emailed Shirley , they ignored us , so i feel like a crap , no explanations just u are banned . I think after one year camming i deserve they could have asked for my passport , and other documents in addition to my id card . I dont have problem to send my passport , driver licence , in fact i did , i sent to them even my payoneer card , local bus card with my name and id card number .

Well about the guy … some months ago arrived to my room a guy , his nick , Yonizen, he tipped , not lots , i had a good average 5000 tokens show . I could say he tipped 300 per show , sometimes less sometimes more . I got really good tippers , people who could tip me 2000 tokens , 3333 in just one tip . Suddenly they dissapeared . Where are my tippers i wondered . Well finally some friends emailed me and showed the pms he was sending to them . I add here a screen capture one of my tippers gave me .
Some weeks before i noticed it , i made him mod , he was drunk and started to insult and ban the people who tipped me , he insulted and ban.
I banned him . I was not going to allow this kind of rudeness in my room . Ok he asked for forgiveness , cancelled the account and opened a new one Blairbee . Again he joined to my fan club . Well he came back and insulted my tippers and off course they did not want to come back to my room.

When i discovered it i banned him . I blocked in twitter , and guess what ….one week later my account is reported for many people , and i am out of cb .
I never had problems with models , people , but this guy was my nightmare . Then he emailed me saying be careful , he is afraid someone kidnapped me and obligate me to be a sexual slave …just crazy!
I will copy and paste some of his emails

“Please be careful A slave trader would have no problem getting all your friends together and slowly separate each of you to be gone forever.
All it takes is getting in a car with someone and the next thing you know you’ll be addicted to heroin and sold on the black market in the sex slave trade.
You need robe really careful who you let into your life on CB. I could meet you with 95% accuracy without your consent. 100% with but You be careful. I would contemplate committing suicide to save your life if a gang got a hold of your body to sell.”
So i dont have a proof he reported my account ,but cb has proof i am not underage ,

as i told u , after one year camming , 5 days week , having 3000 people in my room in good nights and 200 in bad nights , many shows , why this is happening now ?
Is like this guy thinks if she is not for me is for nobody . He could pm people and persuaded report me as underage . Who knows .
Cb should have listened to me , i think at this point i dont care my account is back , i dont want to work in a place wich does not listen to me , does not care about me and they only said get out fo here without any serious ban reason , They could have asked for my passport or other documents . Sadly some evil people know there is a way to take off models , report a underage and thats it .
Thats all for the moment , if u have something more to ask let me know .
Have a wonderful night

Then we replied to Laura:

Thank you very much for that information, Laura. How many followers (estimated) did you have on CB before you were banned?
How many fan club members?
What’s the highest amount of viewers you ever had (estimated)?
Which other cam site are you working on now? If none, then which one do you think you will join soon?
Were you working from a studio or from your home?

Then Laura said:

Hi Matt ,i started camming 24 July 2015 i had more or less 50k followers , 3 fan club members (one was that guy blairbee) many good tippers , highest more people in my room record 3200 it happened one day i broadcast with a friend Alana , lowest record 120 people in my room. Usually average 800-1200 people .
I work from my home , i lived with a friend and we both broadcasted . I only have broadcasted in Cb , but i am planning move to Myfreecams .
Thanks , have a good day

Our message to Laura:
“Thanks again for chatting with us.
Maybe after five months, try emailing Chaturbate again. I wish you luck with MyFreeCams. Please don’t be depressed; worst things happen to many people every time. Talk to us whenever you want, and we will reply if you have any questions.”

To read the emails that were sent by Laura’s fans and “partners” to Chaturbate, go here (PDF reader required).

To our readers, we have just enabled commenting for this article, but for Laura’s safety every comment here will be thoroughly reviewed and many might be deleted even if they’re nice. So please don’t take it personally.

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27 comments on “Cam girl banned for underage

  1. Matt

    I have the same problem with chatturbate I am 19 years old with a California ID and I am on the way to verify my account, but the moment I checked if my cam is going to work I get banned saying that I am not 19 I mean are you serious, I have chest hair and you think I am underaged I emailed the support but all I get is the automated response and saying that they will get back to me but never do.

  2. Miss_Flawless

    Same here, with Account miss_Flawless , also banned and CB don’t even reply my emails !
    I need this job to support my family and my study, but CB Don’t care ! CB support is incompetent and ruin lives of poor people !

  3. TB

    This girl doesn’t look too young. Girls who look 12-14 LOOK YOUNG. Stupid. As long as they have verification that she’s old enough, legality can’t touch them. They’re just being mean and trying to cover their own butts when in reality, you’re selling sex… guys like girls who look young. Derp.

  4. Val pavol

    This happened to me. I supplied passport photos 4 times trying to get verified and kept getting rejected. until I asked chaturbate what was wrong with the photos, they replied I looked too young to broadcast and blocked my account. Are you kidding me? I’m an adult. So ridiculous

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