Cam girl Astiamoon gets banned

October 14, 2015

This Wednesday morning, we discovered that the beautiful Chaturbate model known as “astiamoon” has been banned by Chaturbate. We had been following her for about two weeks and have no specific accusations against her.

Astiamoon, via

However, some guys reported tipping her and asking her some questions, only to be ignored.

“I tipped her 100 tokens, yet she ignored me,” a token buyer told us. “I finally asked her, okay, can I at least get some flash or something? But she ignored me.”

Another guy said, “I tipped her and she told me she doesn’t get nude here. So I asked her whether she does so in private shows and she just repeated ‘I don’t do nude shows here’.” The guy continued: “She never set any goals either, so there was nothing to tip towards, which made guys tip and ask her what she had to offer, to which she didn’t say anything.”

Later on, some other guy said “If you tip her, she would smile. But if you ask for something else, you may sure be getting kicked out of her chat room.”

Then another guy said, “She sits there clothed, all day, doing nothing. And when you tip her, she says ‘I don’t get nude here’. I wonder what she’s doing on Chaturbate? Someone get her out of here!”

While we respect the fact that models may choose to never get nude on Chaturbate, we are glad to hear from token buyers; their opinions matter because they power the site. Yet we believe that astiamoon’s fans and followers will really miss her!

“She’s a really beautiful, lovely girl,” said Kevin, a guy who spends thousands of tokens on Chaturbate almost every week.
“I wonder why she’s banned,” Jane, my co-author here, said. “She used to be very nice to her viewers.”
And a cam girl told us on Skype, “I knew this girl very well and I’m completely sure she was banned for reasons other than ignoring her tippers or viewers. Those guys are liars.”

Concerning how a token buyer feels about this decision made by Chaturbate, another guy said “I think the ban was justified. She belongs in a church or something, not here, being that she’s always fully clothed and hates to talk about sex and party.”

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10 comments on “Cam girl Astiamoon gets banned

  1. Jerry and Sue

    Hey. Who are the spell Nazis.??
    I agree with azman722 .I want my tokens used with what I tipped for. My wife watches with me and thanks to this comment blog we have opened our sex life to more thanks azman .My ads is now under her control. I love it and want more .

  2. james

    she was likely banned because the fact that she isn’t responding to people and sending seemingly automated messages indicates that it isn’t a live person but a bot.

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