Best times to broadcast this weekend

Checked Wednesday February 12, 2020

We just thought we could share the best time you should broadcast for this weekend. Here’s what worked for us last weekend:

This Saturday — 9:10AM to 5:45PM U.S. Eastern Time.
This Sunday — 5:00AM to 2:30PM U.S. Eastern Time.

Let us know if you try this as a model, and how it went for you!

Remember, you can always become a model if you aren’t already.


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19 comments on “Best times to broadcast this weekend

  1. Anthony N

    Looking for articles, blogs, websites etc for room moderator.
    I’ve been asked by a friend to be her moderator. I have little to no mod experience. She is aware of my lack of experience and still wants assistance
    Any suggestions or recommendations to help me better understand my role, room etiquette, do’s and don’t, and command functions is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

  2. Jone's love

    Hola, ustedes compran o cambiar tokens de otras modelos Myfreecams? Tengo problemas con mi pasarela de pago externa. Ayuda!!

  3. mereiyah teat

    I’m new on chaturbate I’m kind of anxious to start broadcasting in fear of not making enough money for my bills my current job is not paying me enough so I’m starting here to see how it goes whats some advice or tips I should know about it please help!!

    1. Matt and Jane Post author

      Hey Mereiyah, just give it a try. You never know until you actually try it. Feel free to let us know how it goes

  4. Bunny

    If I’m living In Germany and I want to start broadcasting, and I don’t wanna be shown in the currently city I’m living and also I don’t wanna be seeing in X country, let’s say argentina, becouse i dont have interrest in being seeing there, can I have this option?

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