Best times to broadcast this weekend

Updated June 29, 2018

Hey! Happy weekend!
Many schools (especially universities) around the world have closed for the long break, so this brings more flexible time to broadcast!
We just thought we could share the best time you should broadcast for this weekend. Here’s what worked for us last weekend:

This Saturday — 9:30AM to 4:00AM U.S. Eastern Time.
This Sunday — 6:00AM to 11:30PM U.S. Eastern Time.

Let us know if you try this as a model, and how it went for you!

Remember, you can always become a model if you aren’t already.


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2 comments on “Best times to broadcast this weekend

  1. foxydevil5

    I broadcast (solo male) from Japan around 9pm (7 am Central in the US). I make more money on Sundays than any other day. 50-350 usually.

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