Before you “cam to cam”, read this..

If you watch live cams a lot and you like to give out your contact information to the models, or you often wish to meet up with a cam model in real life, then you should not have a “cam to cam” or C2C session with a model, ever.

You could get betrayed or blackmailed. During a cam to cam session, the model may record you and everything you do or say. And after some time, usually some days, or some weeks or months or years, you might receive a message from anyone anywhere, threatening to release the video to your family or to the public, if you don’t fulfill a request.

The request may include money or other tasks. And once you fulfill the request, they may leave you alone for a while and then come back again for another request, again and again until you report them to the authorities, thereby making it public by yourself!

So if you already gave your contact information or some other private information to a model, do not partake in a cam-to-cam session with that model.

This is just a piece of advice; of course you can do whatever you like, since you’re a grown man or woman. Just remember to take it like a man or woman when the day comes! No amount of crying or police reports will save you from the shame!

Published January 2017

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8 comments on “Before you “cam to cam”, read this..

  1. lily

    Hi!!, could you make a post about falling in love with someone from cb, i’ve been watching this guy since october and we’ve been talking and i think a love him

  2. new_fitnessguru

    stay far away from dem romanian models yo. they are bad news & do whatever it takes to make that money. They even go as far as to tell their high tippers they will meet them one day LOL. ive seen and heard too many scam stories, so sad. Proceed with caution

    1. sexymeriem

      im sure u heard storyes but dont say all romanian are same cuz u are same like others thinking that and dont see just pussy and cum show thats all u want and will pay for it . so dont pay if not want . its your choice ,im sure u just a freloader in evry girls room ,

  3. beware of this loser model hates on all the top models because she’s fat and ugly with self esteem problem yo, i seen her in a bunch of the hot models & couples rooms-she gets super envious of them and pm’s all their top tippers talking mad shit about each of the models then calls the couple cams a bunch of sluts for having sex on cam. beware of this girl, she’s a loser model that wishes people loved and tipped her is all. she even uses fake pics in her bio because shes too ugly to post her own pictures. Models like this need to jump off a cliff away from the cam community. Im sure there’s a flock more where she came from. Models who bash others, please find a different job. you are a disease to chaturbate. and take the scam vibrator things with you, whatever this forum post is about those pink vibrator ohmibod things. have a nice day folks. -Chris

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