Advice for Exhibitionists

While many adult cam broadcasters like to show off their bodies for cash, a handful of cam people don’t. Some people actually get self-satisfaction from showing their nude bodies to the public, without hoping to be paid for it. These people are known as exhibitionists.

Two types: On Chaturbate there are two types of exhibitionists: the ones who are labeled as such just because their ages haven’t yet been verified, and the ones who are labeled as such because they are actually exhibitionists.

If you have not gone through the age verification process on Chaturbate, then you cannot receive tokens or be paid by the site, and therefore you would be listed as an “Exhibitionist”, with your chat box displaying a message to your viewers: “This broadcaster does not accept tips,” instead of the “Send Tip” button, when you’re broadcasting. But once you get age-verified, the label would be removed from your account, and you would be able to receive tokens from your viewers and get paid by Chaturbate, with the “Send Tip” button displayed on your chat box to your viewers.

On Chaturbate, authentic exhibitionists never get age-verified, or if they do, they never expect or ask their viewers to tip. They either just show whatever they feel like, or accept requests from their viewers. The Chaturbate exhibitionists are the type of broadcasters that attract a lot of freeloaders, who then expect all other broadcasters to be like that.

If you’re an authentic exhibitionist, we advise you to be wary of criminals who would try to lure you into meeting up with them in real life. We also advise you to not broadcast on Chaturbate if you look younger than the acceptable age range, even if you’re actually old enough. This is because once a viewer reports your chat room as being underage, Chaturbate would ban you. If they ban you, the only way you could get back your account would be to successfully go through the age-verification process, thereafter you would no longer be listed as an exhibitionist. You would then be able to earn tokens from your viewers, and be paid by Chaturbate.

Is it good to be an exhibitionist on Chaturbate? Well, it depends.
Our mission is not to make everyone become money-hungry, but we advise you to actually get age-verified and start earning money for your time on cam! We (Matt and Jane) make thousands of dollars per week by simply broadcasting. Yes, we are exhibitionists, but yes, we earn some optional cash from it as well, so we ask you to sign up and start broadcasting to earn your own money, if you have not already! More money is more fun, from our experience.

Author rants on exhibitionism
My girlfriend Jane says that some weeks she never asks anyone to tip while she broadcasts on solo, yet people tip her because they like her shows. I have told her numerous times that she is an exhibitionist, and even though she keeps denying it, she actually is. She shows her body whether anyone tips her or not. But people actually tip her. She wouldn’t have had the little extra thousands of dollars, if she had refused to go through the age verification process.

As for me, I always rely on asking my viewers to tip first before I show anything. I think it’s because I’m getting spoiled by the money. I hope someday I can do as my girlfriend does. One thing good about us is that when we broadcast together as a couple, we never actually ask for tokens. Our moderators do that for us, though we often ask our moderators to do that sparingly.

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